Blizzard has preyed on a minority (feral)

rofl, stop gaslighting…

just say you want to be op

Feral was not top dps.

you would have been in icc, or at least the top melee

and this change is for icc

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Im not doing any of these things, but what I am doing is reading druid discord… Go search druid discord for the words “remove glyph” or “glyph weaving” … wish i was joking

also, why not just post on your warrior character, why do you need to hide behind your level 50 priest alt?


The bad thing is when you look at like DPS sims… its like… these 3 classes are like… 15% stronger then everyone else and then it becomes a pretty even chart… but those 3 classes areent even addressed.

ok everyone gets a 20% buff, except feral and everything dies like naxx

Feral already is #1 or tied for #1 on a lot of fights. It has the best Single Target and best AOE in the game. On fights like Valks it beats warrior while the warrior cleaves and the feral does single target (lol). Go back to things like Ignus and feral is top. Ferya with the aoe makes feral top. It also has battle rez and innervate (lol). It scaled hard and in ICC became #1 overall, beating fire mage even.

Feral is better off than before any change still. It was too strong. Currently ret is too strong too.

Everyone said “warrior would scale” and it really doesnt. Feral and ret scale harder and get ahead of fury bis in ICC. Warrior is like bottom middle without a legendary and middle top with one. Thats after being dead last all game. Even rets before they were buffed beat warriors in naxx.

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Feral being high on twins while every other top spec on that fight is getting significant gain from cleaving is kinda wild. Guess it’s the same on a fight like XT too.

Ferals single target damage is better than warrior’s 2 target cleave. Ferals have the same dmg and scaling profile as warrior (i.e. things like DBW are very similar dps gain). Ferals got a 20% boost to #1 overall though lol, so it literally takes cleave to catch up to their single target. Then when you go over 4 targets, swipe aoe is king and on larger aoe situations swipe is the strongest burst aoe in the game. And they can battle rez and innervate. Wild isnt it.

Twins is a horrible example as you get a 100% dmg boost on 1 boss for whichever color you have so any cleave is doing half of the usual dmg.

Cleave classes are still gaining from the cleave, and getting beat by feral just hitting the one boss.

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Pretty much this. I’d bet they were super happy in Classic when 40mans when half the raid was warriors.


It also requires the feral to sit on one boss the entire time and ignore all fight mechanics, so no switching colors for vortexs, no switching targets for shields etc…

Check the numbers before you make stuff up. 90th percentile combat, assassination, unholy, affliction all beat feral on the fight. You play a rogue, you should know this.

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And in the case of combat, assassination, and Affliction, all by more than Feral beats Fury.

4 specs that benefit from having a 2nd target beat feral, yes, but a lot of specs like fury and ret that also benefit from having a second target lose to feral.

Those three specs are able to get past the damage reduction on the off target with their cleave, that’s why rogue is #1 on that boss.


Yeah, Ret and Fury are very slightly behind feral in the 90th percentile on the logs for that one fight. And apparently you seem to care about this.

It does seem like at the lower percentiles, feral is doing somewhat better than it was at the lower percentiles before the changes that were intended to:

From that perspective, it seems somewhat like a mission accomplished.

In any case, prior to the changes, I think that the majority of people who were playing Feral in PvE were either doing so for priority on gear for PvP, or because they liked the additional challenges of the spec.

That was several months ago though, and since they made Feral a significantly easier or at the very least, a much less punishing (if rotation isn’t perfect) spec to play, there may be a wider variety of people playing it and hoping to enjoy it into the next phase.

What are your thoughts?

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