Blizzard Fights Dirty

I have cancelled my account. I decided that, not having the last two expansions, it would take me too long to catch up. I remember too well the days when I used to play in Legion, and still run both the Draenor Circuit and the Pandaren Circuit every day to level my pets.

Then today, after the patch, Blizzard placed an add-on in the game that would allow to try out the new Dragon race where they would allow me to level up to 63. Which would allow to catch some of the new pets.

And happy-happy, joy-joy, I went to Nazjatar, because I discovered the new Slimy pets where you farm crystals to charm a level 1 critter and feed it to those blobby things. So, I’ve been working on that.

And I finally captured my Amethyst Softshell! I tried so long to get that named to drop it. But I had a good feeling when he spawned near the zone in, and felt I would get it this time. And I did.

The last time I was here, some generous soul, who remembered me as Loncis, offered to give me one. That’s one nice thing about the pet community: you guys are generous with each other. I remember I was having an awful time learning to do the dance on Deathwing’s scaly back to have a mere chance of getting the pet, and Brawler offered to get one for me, since I was having a hard time learning it.

But I didn’t need him to do that. Just as I was about to give up, I finally got it to work. (I probably couldn’t do it again to save my life, but once upon a time, when I learned how to kill Deathwing, I finally got the pet, whatever it was.)

So, my subscription doesn’t run out till the first. If I want to try the dragon-race, I will have to make up my mind soon. Because the offer is extended only for a limited time.

It’s an enticing offer. But I would have to collect pets from two different expansions. I really don’t want to go back to the days of daily Draenor/Pandaria leveling runs.

Of course, I could get into the habit of using my stones, instead of just hoarding them.

I started on the first, and I’ve spent absolutely nothing of my collection except for bandages.

I’ve collected 1149 charms, 10 Marked Flawless Battle Stones, 1 Aquatic Marked Flawless Battle Stones, 4 Fel-Touched Battle Training Stones, 55 Flawless Battle Training Stones, 2 Aquatic, 4 Undead, 17 Magic, 6 Flying, 13 Elemental, 11 Dragon, 11 Critter, 5 Mechanical, 14 Humanoid, 10 Beast, 1 purple stone, on the verge of collecting another. I don’t know how many pets I could level up without doing the Circuits, but that’s a lot.

Still, I’d be visiting BfA to get all the pet charms from the dailies. And if Shadowlands also has dailies, I’d be doing those, too. Seems like . . . I don’t know what I’m going to do.

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