Blizzard - Don't forget this tiny Loot Trading detail!

They probably wouldn’t have master loot on unless this feature was implemented… however…

With new guilds and especially new realms often times the Guild Master will have loot master on because they are worried about ninjas in their guild that will take a great piece and leave.

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The compromise we have been given is more than fair. I wouldn’t poke the beast any further.


If there is ever a time to find out if someone should be in your guild or not, it’s in a 5man to see if they are a ninja. We can’t cater to people in order to keep them from ninja looting. I know this sounds silly, but ninja looting is part of the game, if they do it then you deal with it. If you have on masterlooter in a 5 man and you mess something up then you should deal with it.

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I have to disagree. I think loot trading should be left how they’re stated it. If you make the mistake of looting an item that you shouldn’t have, then you shouldn’t be bailed out.


Kneen, I have to disagree with you mate.

I think loot trading should be left how they’re stated it.

Stated what? They have not stated that:

If you make the mistake of looting an item that you shouldn’t have, then you shouldn’t be bailed out.

I am looking for them to do what you are saying they have done. I would love ^^ that quote above to be true… but it is not yet.

Eh I would say it is in a way.

Read the Sticky Blue post bub, States clearly they are not allowing trading in 5 man only Raids. Can’t please everyone but this is a fair decision by Blizzard.

I agree this is a fair decision by Blizzard… I am happy with the post. Simply trying to understand why 2-hour trades would be disabled with Loot Master ON.

You mean this?

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I drop from 5 mans with master looter. Guild or not.

Just sayin

That would unfortunately leave open a loop hole that some players would find a way to abuse in some way or another.

Because you can run into the same exact issues as just leaving the 2 hour loot trade on without it.
“Hey guys we are running ML for this run so no one ninjas”

-Player 1 rolls on item for player 2-

You just created the same exact problem they literally just fixed. Don’t run ML in 5mans… ever… there is literally no reason to use it.

The loot trading issue is over.

Pretty much a bad idea all around, and the best argument to the OP.

I don’t trust a 5man with masterloot; I’d rather just find out who is trustworthy and invite them. Random PUGs will be justified in not wanting to join your master-loot group.

That said, I understand why the OP wants this. It’s an option that’s a ‘why not’ sort of thing, but is ultimately not something I see as necessary due to the reasons stated above.

What on earth motivates you to think like this? How about we just push for the best possible gameplay as authentic as possible to vanilla? What cost is there to “poking the beast?” You act like making a forum post is expensive.

Continuing to cry after you’ve been given a solid compromise is undignified and sad. ‘I want, I want , I want…’

It is similar to a spoiled child. An ungrateful, spoiled child.

Acknowledging the fairness and moving into acceptance is more adult/emotionally mature.

Give it a shot!

I might be misreading, but it sounds like you changed your mind after you saw a better piece of loot drop from next boss and now you want to trade it. I don’t think that should be allowed. And if you are submitting tickets for this then I think that sounds like the whole reason bliz added the loot trading in to avoid those. That doesn’t sound to me like intended to be able to abuse trading of items that you initially wanted and then changed your mind later on.

If I join a group and Master Loot is on, I’m bailing that group

Oh my god shut up, it’s not crying and it doesn’t cost anything. I want vanilla, I don’t like loot trading, loot trading wasn’t in vanilla, I’ve played with loot trading for years and I don’t support it. There is no reason for me to just start supporting loot trading.

I’m still gonna play classic, never threatened to quit over loot trading, never insulted blizzard over their reasoning, all I did was make a forum post espousing my opinion.

Bro, dry those eyes! I’m just making posts giving my opinion as well. We’re the same. Except I’m not crying.

Classic is going to be awesome, with or without loot trading.

Thankfully , your wants don’t determine what is or isn’t going to happen in Classic.