Blizzard can you stop, they're already down

paladins are not eating well in Warthin season 1


I’ll forgive this because the Arathor gear is very well-suited for crusading.


I like it, but the preview is missing the helmet.

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Yeah this is absolutely horrendous but I can’t see myself using anything but the questing set anyway.

imagine if the helmet was a bald head


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

And people said the hunter set looks bad…

Edit - it’s so dull. I mean it literally looks like dull armor. Dang that’s bad. I had high hopes because most of the other sets looked good imo.


Bald eagle head if we’re lucky.

mannn so ugly

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I think it looks pretty good, and has some vibes from the 10.1 priest tier paladins were here rioting about.


IMO only Rogues look good so far.

i like the DK set

Meanwhile evokers get a deathwing outfit.


I’m getting concerned about seeing the shaman set.

I laughed out loud at those shoulders like I know it’s a meme for wow how shoulders have gotten absolutely rediculious but holly crap I’m dying x’D.

Looks like a freakin Christmas costume from Walmart xD

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Oh…god…those are terrible. The wings look so tacky and there’s no helmet?

Still better than Hunters’.

That explains you’re problem: they’re not just thin, but warthin meaning they lost all their fat and muscle due to never-ending wars!

On a serious note, stop using this asinine abbreviation for the expansion; TWW works infinitely better.


they drank the red bull

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Omg I need the red set now for that joke xDDDD

Serves them right, Priest-Warrior wannabes.

Pick a real class! /s

Also what that other guy in this thread said, ya’ll are gonna be using the questing gear over this lmao.

Love the little care-bear heart on the chest piece, it’s a nice touch

I can’t stop laughing at the wojack looking human they used on wowhead to model this.