Blizzard can code 1.5 AV right now


Broken… come on…

Every day, you find new things to complain about. You barely post anything positive. Anything Blizzard does never satisfies you.

First it was the subscription. You said you would leave if they combined the subscriptions. They did that. You’re still here.

Everything you complain about and say is wrong, after Blizzard does it, you are still here. No matter what Blizzard does, you seem to never be happy. But Blizzard doesn’t need to do 1.5 AV or add a separate subscription or a box fee, because you’re still going to be here.


Oh god no don’t summon it back! Please!

(Dovahsah) #71

Even the Nos guys admitted that they made everything up (mostly) for the 1.5 version of AV. Blizz said themselves that classic isnt theirs to change, they are just re-releasing it. Can they code 1.5, yes, do they want to…probably not.

(Melaned) #72

So we were speaking of something largely different and the video for the recent Blizzcon was linked to show something and when going over the video it was caught around the 6minute marker that the developer stated the way they worked on patches actually caused them to lose data as they added patches onto the game during Vanilla.

Now not saying 1.5AV coding does not exist, but this could be a threat to its existence.


So now that you can potentially believe 1.5 exists, why would a PS completely make up Korrak and the. Tower bosses etc. My memory may be failing but I do remember the positioning of Korrak and the mini bosses. It’s damn accurate.

Where did they get the art assets for them and how did they get it so close.

If you follow the logic Blizz has the assets and chooses not to build 1.5 even though 90% of the people on this forum want 1.5.

I have my own conclusion on their agenda.

This also poses the other important question as too the actual reasoning for 1.12. I remember it being a poor representation. If that Is true why would they choose the lowest common denominator. It could be that it requires the least effort.

If they want minimal effort who’s agenda are they following. I think the content roadmap was decided months ago. They don’t want any of our recommendations on this content.

I note they extended the release schedule based on this, but fundamental game mechanics (threat, raid nerfs/warrior dominance) are more impactful that adding a few months in.


My bold for highlight. Clearly a serial whinger and ultimatum slinger.

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There’s a lot of adults here who constantly threaten to never play Classic if they don’t get their way. They constantly go back on those threats and claim “well I changed my mind.” That is of course, until the next thing they don’t like comes along and they make the same empty threat.

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People were doing this during vanilla , TBC, WOTLK, etc too. They eventually did quit, once they got sick of every single awful decision Blizzard made after they made far too many for year after year, expac after expac.

Now they have their chance for a truly epic game and history is repeating itself with Blizzard doing what Blizzard does best, ruining every game they’ve touched for the past 15 years.

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Well, doesn’t look like you’re one of those people.


How is Blizzard ruining the game?

  • Loot trading? Really, I can’t see that being a huge issue. One of the big attractions of Classic is the community. Run guild groups, or with people you know, to lessen any concerns you may have about being ninja-looted. Vanilla server communities were pretty small and will be again, I can’t see it being a deal breaker of an issue considering the time investment to get one’s character to 60.

  • Sharding? Nothing has been confirmed yet. Sure, I’m not a fan of it but I also recognise that there is an issue to be solved with the so-called “tourists”. I do think it’ll work for starting zones but I concur with those who are worried that it might persist into the future. Give 'em an inch, they’ll take a mile sort of thing.

  • 1.12 AV? Come on, I’m sure there are things in Classic that you’re looking forward to more than playing AV. If that’s all you want then you’re not a true Classic fan, IMHO. You can get your 1.5 AV fix ‘elsewhere’.

I was heavily invested in WoW in 2005/2006, I was an officer and main tank for a guild all through 2006 and sunk a boatload of time into the game. So I feel like I have some really fond memories of the game that I would love to relive. But the things above (except for sharding in later stages of the game) are not deal-breakers to me and I don’t see how these things are ‘ruining the game’. Everything else is looking pretty good, is it not?

(Shiyoakemi) #79

1.12 is literally ruining 1 entire form of content and end game for a lot of people.

There will be more things ruined, don’t worry. Blizzard are experts.


Quality response. Judging by your achievements you didn’t do any PVP in Vanilla anyway.

(Shiyoakemi) #81

Resorting to profile stalking + personal attacks. Expected.

The fact you’re so offended by me saying negative things about Blizzard is not weird at all. it doesn’t give off any signals or show your opinions are being swayed by an outsource. Not at all. These are your opinions, and yours alone. You’re just really passionate about Blizzard entertainment!


It wasn’t a personal attack, I asked you to back up your statement. Your response sounded like you didn’t know what you were talking about, I checked profile to confirm and stated as such.

I’m just passionate about Classic WoW :slight_smile:

(Shiyoakemi) #83

Yep, continuing personal attacks due to me saying negative things about Blizzard. Not suspicious at all, no sir. You are just a great Blizzard fan and really love company.


Many of the lead guys of Classic team seemed to be involved with WoW development from the start and they have shown no sign of doing a bad job on purpose. They seem very enthusiastic about it.

Current WoW team doesn’t have much to do with Classic WoW team.

(Caelle) #85

If they were adding a version that didn’t exist during Vanilla I could see getting tore up, but it’s still true to that version of the game so I’m ok with it. Now if they had tried to use the live version or something like that, then I would definitely be raising a stink.

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Last time I checked I have not resubbed. I have posted many things positive about blizzard and the game, apologies if it is not the current game or the current developers. They have to earn it.

(Brokenwind) #87

Again, still not subbed, and havent been subbed for the better part of a decade. I will fight for what I feel is best for classic all the way up to release. I am one of the players who left and they could win back. They will not succeed in winning me back by putting less effort into the project than a PS does, or repeating bad decisions of the past.


1.5 av was never going to happen because it would have taken more work, and therefore more expense than 1.12.

We really should take this as confirmation that the cheapest option is going to be picked every time.

My next prediction: Original unarmored epic mounts won’t be in game. After a couple of patches, they will “hear the will of the players” and add them. In a cash shop.