Blizzard can code 1.5 AV right now

Oh, you mean that club membership I happily relinquished when Classic was announced?

Just shut up and go antagonize someone else for once.

Except those weren’t in vanilla, 1.12 was. Huurrrerr dduurrrrr

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You are happily resubbing to yet another wall of no club, this time doing it toward those that played during vanilla and want the earlier less-retail-like version of AV. Have some self awareness. You and the others are doing exactly the same crap you did with the original wall of no.


And what exactly do you think I did? Apart from post a wall of text that basically said Blizzard had no plans for Classic at the time it was written? I wasn’t trying to tell people they were stupid or wrong for wanting Classic, I was just trying to get them to think realistically. You have NO idea how happy I was when Classic was announced in 2017, thus proving that entire Wall to ultimately be a bad joke.

But why am I telling you this? You’d rather believe I’m some malicious troll when in fact I’m not. I’m just trying to get you guys to think critically about this and put aside your stupid paranoia for one damn minute.


Firstly, ‘wall of no’ makes you sound like a 10 year old.

Secondly, there are a lot of people on this forum that played during vanilla (I’m not talking private servers, I’m talking the genuine article). You are not the spokesperson for those people. I am one of those people also, yet I have a different view to you. So how about you put your views out there as your own and don’t pretend to speak for anyone but yourself.

EDIT: In fact, pretty well the only person pushing so hard on this forum for a 1.5-esque version of AV, is you. Many others will say that they might have wanted a 1.5 version of AV but are happy to accept 1.12 on the basis of x, y, and z. You’re the only one replying to every single post that opposes you.


Didn’t you quit days ago? Headed off to ‘greener pastures’ amongst the private servers?

Who the hell do you think YOU are, telling someone else they can’t post because of hypocrisy. That’s absolutely hilarious. Boy you better fall back. :joy:

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Once more for clarity:
We have been asking for earlier version of AV since the nerfs began during vanilla. We have discussed this at length and critically for well over a decade. Your calling it “paranoia” is just as tone deaf as the ones who made this decision.


I’m not sure how aware you are of this, but just in case you aren’t… the “Wall of No” was an actual thing back before Classic’s announcement. It was a wall of text that was copypasta’d in every single thread asking for pre-TBC servers, consisting of a collection of Blizzard’s own responses to the subject at the time it was written.

Obviously the Wall of No is no longer valid, but some people around here are just damn salty and won’t let go.

Hell I’m tempted to post it on this forum just so we can all look at it, throw our heads back, and laugh.


Should I expect others to reply to arguments directed at me?



Sorry couldn’t resist.

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You must be insufferable IRL.

He’s either a troll disguised as a side of beef, or just as stubborn and bull-headed as his avatar.

It was indeed entirely ridiculous for sure. Most of its points were grasping at the wind in an attempt to shut us down.

Didn’t work out for them at all.

Yeah. I feel bad for ever thinking that thing was even somewhat legit.


1.12 = 1.12 They said 1.12 so i’m expecting 1.12
From a design view point making a version based on 1.12 that reflects 1.12 is logical.

I was unaware you owned the copyright for classic WoW. You don’t own classic WoW, you’re a fan just like the rest of us


Don’t worry over the small stuff and just take everything Blizzard says with a smile and a helping of healthy skepticism.

How many times have they made promoses or promoted features that never turned up.

Path of the Titans, anyone?

Dance Studio?



Among a long list of other things…

Player housing, 60% of what was promised for WoD, etc, etc.

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So yeah coming into this thread and some of the arguing actually got my attention this time and decided to decipher it.

That likely came off a little harsh, although I do agree that our memories are easily fooled into thinking accuracy thus a 1.5 AV on a PS can easily fool someone to thinking it is accurate. The slight harshness might have been misread and taken wrongly by Broken.

Ad Hominem responses never help. Raising the level for how aggressive the conversation can become. And while I DO agree that people who used the wall of no were completely, utterly wrong for it and bandwagoning which just made things worse for those of us requesting for vanilla servers, people make mistakes. Laeric admitted he was wrong for that time. People can change their opinions.

There however is a common issue with people asking for vanilla servers before it was widely accepted and their harshness towards those who either had not requested or had even taken an offensive position. That being a perceived over-estimation of their opinion’s value. Just because we were asking longer does not make us right, what does help us is unity of the majority in wanting one particular goal to be met. i.e. no changes crowd. I too am guilty of this issue in the past.

Also you speak as if you represent more people. You need to better your wording as it comes off as if you are trying to falsely increase the weight of your own opinion. “We” “Us” etc. No. It is “There have been multiple players whom requested for this” “There is a good number of players whom disagree” Problem for that is it then opens up to them easily saying “well where are the others then?”

Simply, use hard facts, good reasoning and critical thinking to make your point stand out stronger and firmer on your own without relying on the idea of others supporting you or not. This reliance on the idea that there are others supporting you, when they are either not being represented well or just not here at all, makes you look bad to some people and encourages more argument.

You’ve already been corrected on this but just reinstating it. Wall of No was a legitimate thing. It was saved by MANY anti-classic forumers who would spam threads asking for vanilla servers with it and it was freaking long and annoying. This often caused said threads to be deleted or locked down. So no, it’s not a “10 year old” thing, it’s an internet wow forum only meme if anything.

Also him replying to every opposing post is to be expected. It only means he is likely intent on getting his opinion heard and feels just in doing so.

I am just clearing the field par say. Giving my own, outsider view with critical thoughts. And INB4 “Why bother type so much blah blah”
I am an upcoming writer who writes 5k words between 2.5-4hrs, a debater personality type that enjoys debates and communicating in this format and even if no one reads this I enjoyed typing it.