Blizzard being scared to just give blood elves blue eye option

how so? Literally no contradictions there

Good News Everyone! Blue Eyes for Belfs and Velfs confirmed!


Top kek :joy::joy::skull:

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I take reading isn’t your strong suit and you’d rather just meme by quoting very specific parts from my post. Typical

90% of the surviving high elves changed their name to “[blood elves]” or sin’dorei (children of the blood in [Thalassian] in remembrance of their fallen brethren, and no longer consider themselves high elven .
However, a few high elves did not rename themselves blood elves. High elves and blood elves are physiologically the same race, and the difference between high and blood elves is only political. When Quel’Thalas left the Alliance, some high elves chose to remain with their allies over their kingdom, and to this day still support the Alliance.

Yep it’s offical.

Blood elves are now a neutral race.

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You’ll have to come up with something new to troll about. Best of luck in your future ventures.

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Everything is fixed


Right and we still get our lovely golden hair


Not gonna lie, I’m feeling all kinds of good that my belf arms warrior will have blue eyes as an option. Dunno if I’ll ue them or not, but it’s nice to know that the option is there :slight_smile:


And, the sunwell is also arcane magic, so blood elves get blue eyes too

whasup Drede? seems like blood elves got blue-eyes, like i said it make sense after all

they evolved as people, not as race, and since they will have blue eyes, i was right after all, that it only matters the magic they were using

blizzard came out and confirmed that only elves with a strong connection to the light get the golden eyes, so only paladins and priests.

normal elves would still just be green or blue, depending on their level of fel exposure.

Actually you where wrong up until that point. Since the exact phrasing was evolved past having blue eyes.

so good job using the new info that wasn’t out at the time of me posting that.

you misunderstanding his words isn’t rly the point here

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No misunderstanding when he said they wouldnt get blue eyes because they evolved passed that.

Obviously that changed at this point.
That doesn’t make you correct it makes you a fool for bringing up news that was stated in the past that changed in the future from when it was stated.

You only said something to try to show you where right when you arent.

They could still be evolves past being a high elf because they where effected by the fel. Please go research how the fel mutates.

means they evolved past the HE thing, not because they became another race, it was what he mean to say, and i was right by saying they should re-tract their stance about they not getting blue eyes, because it make sense, what they did

you can check out other comments and see, easy on lad

fel mutates but they only got exposed to a bit of it, they didn’t fed on it, so no, there isn’t mutation and the evolution he meant is culturally :^)


Look you are a troll fel mutates in any level it mutates when he made that statement he made sure to imply they mutated and changed passed being high elfs
My statement still stands for when inmade it I was correct.

Just like I am correct that they are not all automatically connected to the sun well.

So please try again and stay upset that alliance got fair skinned elfs.

I won’t be replying to a fool any longer.

and the source of that? or you want to call anyone a troll while saying headcanon?

there is no words about mutation in his statement, just evolution, and it was obviously pass cultural ways, not biologically.

there wass blood elves with blue eyes, even before the confirmations, therefore you are the opposite of correct.

they all are, except the void elves for obvious reasons

unless you have a canon source of that, that i assume you don’t.

i don’t think im upset, i didn’t care about that, void elf still is a void elf to me.

But i know a human warrior who is very pissed that blood elves got their blue-eyes :woozy_face:, if you get me the source of what you said i tell you his name.

I’m not pissed at all if you see my post history I’ve always been for more options. But nice try also nice post history I liked the part where you said that void elfs and blood elfs are the same exact race.
Also fact check the blue eyed blood elfs back in bc was a mistake confirmed by devs but kept it in for a possible unique story. You really don’t know anything.

Also when you say a race cant have blue eyes because they evolved past it. That is a mutation on a biological level. As we have seen they changed that stance but at thay point in time it was clearly meant as an biological change. Please learn context. Please learn more about how a past statement can change in the future. At that point in time it was clear.

You also bashed people requesting worgen tails

You told void elf players they’d never get non purple skin tones. Man look how wrong you where perhaps all of them should tell you how you where wrong because you made a statement in then past.
Then irony is you don’t understand and think you are infallible. To bad you got proven wrong and will continue to be wrong.

This point forward as I’ve seen you are a toxic person who wants people to not have choice you are being put on ignore.

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i never said that, i said blood elves and high elves, are the same race, and i was right about that :thinking:

no, not rly, since there is blood elves with blue-eyes in legion in dalaran, blood elves with blue eyes in MOP in isle of thunder, and blood elves with blue eyes in WOD in the garrison and in other outposts.

so i think i know a few things

And he never said that, he was more talking about the cultural thing of blood elves reaming themselves, more philosophical than anything

it wasn’t meant to be that, exactly because there was NPCS with blue eyes, and he said it was going to be for npc options.

You should learn context, you took a bit of words and Jump at conclusions with mutation and biological change, when nothing of that was implied, and when he said the NPCs would have blue eyes.

I also can see you refuse to give actual sources and is going for ad hominen, you must be rly upset :grinning:

saying worgens don’t have tails and it don’t make sense for then to have one isn’t bashing

but good to see that beyond ad hominen you got the red hearing going

I said it was very unlikely, because would undermine the reason of why they are different, i never said it was impossible, unlike people saying BE would never get blue-eyes :thinking:

what i said, was HE would not be an allied race, and indeed they will not be, don’t try to change my statements

Angry lad aren’t you, but about the sources?

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not scared but logically right, lorewise blood elves with blue eyes makes zero sense