Blizzard banning all software that emulates a key input

That’s, in fact, not the general rule of thumb in this case. Boxers always had 1 action per key press. So this general rule of thumb doesn’t fit in this topic, we aren’t discussing botting and automated play.


They actually aren’t and haven’t been for years.

Those macro keys on the side of razer keyboards? Yeah, they are against TOS and have been for years. Hard to prove the use of, but still against TOS.

One keystroke, one command. As it should be.

I made that mistake once with cheat engine, cannot remember the game, but I had cheat engine open doing some stuff on a single player game, opened my other game and boom, banned. It was one of those dodgy F2P copy paste MMO games.

But than sometime recent, like in the last 12-18 months I done the same for WoW and got booted thinking I was also banned, but WoW simply boots you out now and won’t run until you restart your PC.

They have all come a long way from when players used to get banned across games for false positives to using software for other reasons outside the game, I just hope they do the same here and don’t just ban everyone because they have X software installed.

Those macro keys don’t even really exist anymore do they? Now you can just macro anything onto any key you want, like I can change my Q button to press F if I want, or make some really long and winded macro and place it on my spacebar.

The question we need answered is, will Blizzard simply detect the key you are sending to the game not being the default key get you banned?


Its no longer vague or indescript at all. Multiboxing is now illegal, period.

Multiboxing Restrictions Now Cover ALL Software AND Hardware Input Mirroring - News - Icy Veins (

"On November 3, 2020, we posted an update to our policy for input broadcasting software, and soon thereafter, we began taking action against accounts found to be using third party software to automatically mirror keystrokes to multiple game clients. We find that, like full automation of play, multiple-account mirroring disturbs the gameplay experience for the vast majority of players who control a single account at a time.

We will now additionally prohibit the use of all software and hardware mechanisms to mirror commands to multiple World of Warcraft accounts at the same time, or to automate or streamline multi-boxing in any way. Players found to be in violation of this policy are subject to account actions. These actions can include warnings, account suspensions and, if necessary, permanent closure of the player’s World of Warcraft account(s), as activities which effectively replicate automated gameplay are contrary to the terms and conditions of the Blizzard End-User License Agreement (EULA).

We urge all players to cease using any means of mirroring gameplay across multiple WoW accounts immediately, in order to maintain uninterrupted access to World of Warcraft."

No no, just the mirroring of actions, not the multi boxing part.

Updated 2 days ago.

What I am asking is HOW they find out you are mirroring actions? Do they detect certain software or are they seeing something else to track you?


Well this is from 7 hours ago. Have a read.

The script macros you can write with razor software, yes absolutely. The ones where you can have it press x then wait 3 seconds and press x again. Because that is a bot script.

Key combinations such as alt or ctrl plus another key is absolutely fine, the game even has them as default key combinations for your pet and vehicle bar. It’s an extra complete keypress that isn’t present on your keyboard.

Edit: You’re also muddying the issue saying multiboxing is banned. It is not. Software/hardware used to make easy is banned. Further this thread is about key combinations and if changing your key mapping will flag as a false positive. I don’t know the backend but I really doubt it.

I do hope you are right. A fair number of us use this type of key input to just play the game, not all of use can contort our fingers to press all the buttons we need and not all of us like playing DH either.


This really sucks. I use razor and or AHK to simulate multiple key strokes as I can not spam keys due to arthritis and carpal tunnel. Even with these programs my hands often hurt enough to require pain medication if I play for extended periods of time.

I guess when I get banned that will be it for me.


It is though. What multiboxers may have done or used in the past has no bearing on what is accepted now, nor is it why I was mentioning that. I was specifically talking about what OP mentioned.

“One action per key press” is the only bit of concrete information we have on how warden works, and any post asking about this in CS gives you that answer. Whether it’s asking about software or hardware inputs, it’s the same answer that’s always given.

Whether or not OP is talking about botting and automated play (which I realize they aren’t), the answer still applies because warden will look at it the same way regardless of the intention or purpose of using it.

Yeah, it can be a problem for people with disabilities if they go too far with it.

Yeah, that’s the concern.

But what about the ones G Hub can do?

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Could I suggest maybe a foot pedal bound to a modifier key? Or something similar. It might help.

Input software has been banned since nov, safe to say if you’re still playing now, you software isn’t flagging it.

This new information is adding hardware solutions to the “we’ll ban you” list.

I thought of this, but found using a Naga and Tartus better since I can get more out of it, multiple buttons on both hands means I can CTRL/ALT/SHIFT modify with my right hand and press the normal buttons one at a time with my left hand.

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I guess people have trouble reading. They have updated their policy literally today. Any and all actions of mirroring gameplay on more than one account are now prohibited.

Legal multi boxing is now dead.

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I have never used g hub, but if the software has similar functionality as razor does the same advice applies.

You’re a-ok with key remapping software, hell you can remap your keyboard with windows alone.

What this whole thing is about is software that sends inputs to multiple windows, like ISBoxer.

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Yeah remapping keys has never been an issue. The issue is if pressing one key executes more than one command. Ie. pressing shift now automatically presses control and shift.

No multiboxing is fine, unless they forgot to update all their information, it’s only the software and what you do with it that they will ban you for.

You don’t need to mirror commands to multibox

Actually better yet, I’ll quote you yourself saying that multiboxing is fine

If they just meant multiboxing they wouldn’t have said “to automate or streamline multiboxing”. That line right there means you can multibox but you can’t use

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