Blizzard and the bad influence of content creators on balancing pvp

For the people that hadn’t saw the incoming tunning, i will link them here :
Class Tuning Incoming – December 13 - Community / General Discussion - World of Warcraft Forums (

To start with , blizzard takes too much consideration of content creators/streamers biased opinions along opinions of this content creators followers that just repeat instead of testing .

A big example of this is the recent nerf to tanks , you can more or less agree with me but aside of tank druid the other tanks weren’t a problem , monk tanks were considered weak , dk tanks were already hit by dk nerfs of a week ago , warrior tank wasn’t dealing heavy damage or anything his main goal was being annoying and protection paladin had lower healing than a healer , easier to kill by a lot due him already taking extra damage due nerf to tanks in pvp set in shadowlands, had more utility than many healers ,for people to compare he did about 30 to 40% the healing of a preservation evoker.

People might say this changes don’t matter because they hate tanks but remember well , tank paladin will be considered a healer in queue , so if he becomes too weak this will be a very easy target to one shot or he wont heal enough making him and his teammates frustrated .

Many will say what content creators/ streamers have to do with this ?

Lets start by the fact many of them in recent tier lists they made , set tanks as S tier when even they mention they just fought tank druids and that they didn’t had the chance to fight other tanks , a example of this is pikaboo , you can rewatch his tier list video and see this by yourself, Tho this is not exclusive to him , many other streamers did and set tanks on S tier or mention them being too strong when they not even fought 1 of them outside the druid .

This convinces people that tanks are the problem so they come to complain at forums repeating their favorite content creators opinions with no actual testing behind , and seems blizzard take too much consideration at this opinions .

Other of the problems comes from beta itself, many people in the beta tested and not reported certain classes/builds/talents being broken and be able to one shot people so easy, many content creators did this , they saved this builds and even use their media coverage trying to make people or blizzard think that class/specs that can actually counter this one shots they found are the real problem ,so they get no competition , can climb easier and look better than they actually are .

if you don’t believe me check top 20 pvp streamers , some of them claim DH and DK being too strong , DH was indeed strong compared to other class , DK was just strong against casters , but what this 2 classes have in common ?
That both are anti casters , outside that to mention another thing , DHs and Rogues are natural enemies of each other if one get nerfed the other will rise.

So what have anti casters and one that works as anti rogue have to be , simple.
Arcane mages got about 2 one shots , 1 that was revealed on YouTube and 1 that is just know in beta so far , isn’t the only caster that got hidden one shots just beta players know .

People will think that isn’t possible a big unbalance because they are full geared and hadn’t saw , let me remember you there’s conquest gear , some classes benefit from this more than others , and maybe not everyone knows but there’s tier bonuses gear some got some very strong interactions , one with rogues that i wont metion but experienced rogues will notice .

Shadow priest I’m watching you too , i remember well you can use a fear that is not broke by damage , well there’s 2 other casters that got stronger effects than this.

Along this blizzard didn’t fix the problems with tank druid , the only affected were the other tanks , his heal will still be super high , resist damage as a raid boss , and the damage enough to 1 vs 3 , remember if now a under geared tank druid can 1 vs 4 fully geared people , imagine a full geared tank druid , the nerf wasn’t enough .

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*cough *cough Venruki and Xaryu to name a couple, non guardian tanks caught stray bullets because of bears lol

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what is with the books these days

its funny that they made prot pal a healer, then made them take basically 60% more damage in arena, and then nerfed their healing to the ground.

they also nerfed blood for blood (blood dk pvp talent that buffs heart strike by 60% but u take 3% hp per use) to 30%, which is funny cause there is no way this was doing any kind of numbers even close to warrant a nerf (auto attacks literally hit harder), and now you will be taking 17K damage to use your base runic power generating ability that hits for like 5K… aka dead talent, for no reason.

Tanks are something that most streamers haven’t even bothered to look into. This actually make a little bit of sense, as tanks aren’t actually S tier, so if anyone played one in an AWC, these streamers would get a free win; yet they act like they’re S tier on their stream and in their videos- good players don’t die to tanks in arena.
A recent video by venruki about guardian druid, on the surface is “wow tank so op”, but when u watch the video, they go from a loss to winning every match because they’re actively taking advantage of the easily exploitable obvious flaws of guardian druid. (whereas most players just face tank, die, point at damage meter, and come to the forums to cry)

This is a huge problem. Its been mentioned before, it will be mentioned again. Its disgusting how little thought they put into their words going into the heads of casual players.

guardian druid will always kill incompetent players, no matter what. 30% nerf 60% nerf 80% nerf, if you don’t respect guardian druid cds you will die; and that’s how it should be.

You shouldn’t be allowed to win ignoring what the enemy is doing.