Blizzard already screwed up classic

Rag was not available in week one in vanilla. Also the addons that make it easy did not exist.

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Why are we supposed to care that other people rushed through the levelling process and downed Rag already. I haven’t, and that’s all that matters to me.

Just have fun playing a game.


this is fun

It’s not rag that screwed it up, it’s layering as well as the new age low IQ player mentality, where players only follow guides and multibox to progress as fast as possible. The game is dead in the water because of layering though. Layers are the biggest game changer… Nobody should care rag is downed week 1.

Why do some people seem to think that their classic experience is ruined because a few people have killed rag already? I don’t get it.

The vast majority of players are still in their 20’s and 30’s and are enjoying the journey to 60.


Another thread on this? Retail babies must be very bored this weekend.


Meanwhile the fun aspect of the game is currently being played at 25-35.

Hearing my buds having the time of their life last night in discord made me jealous, leveled like crazy to catch them.


How does layering effect anything? It doesn’t. Not really.

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You are right, WoW classic is amazing, layering only makes it better.

Another one of these posts?



Man, quests zones are crowded enough with layering. Imagine them without. Layering is fine. It’s only temporary.

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It does. Rather than have to wait for an area to respawn, you can jump layers and make it all respawn instantly. For soloing, this really doesn’t help classes like warriors, but for mages that know how to AoE farm, it can be a huge advantage.

Because if rah is killable by sub-60 characters in greens without FR gear, which some are claiming, our endgame has been nerfed significantly. I remember how hard we worked for that first kill, how hard we worked to get FR gear, etc.

Someone posted a long list of nerds to raiding that had been our in by the time 1.12 was here and it is disheartening.

I mean look at all the nerfs from release to 1.12.

Bosses had their levels reduced. Health and damage reduced. Frequency and effectiveness of attacks reduced. Pretty lame to start with this.

So no classic is not vanilla of 2004.

Vanilla is ez. gg.