Blizzard addresses PvP gearing, but still misses the mark

The honor increase did get implemented and it’s actually kinda nice. Doesn’t fix the issue at all, but for the few that didn’t have rated gearing issues we can upgrade our gear faster now so we have more alts to take into bgs against undergeared players

Yay /s

Probably the ones benefiting the most from the honor increase are those going for honor level 500/1000 milestones tbh


Just gotta queue up with some higher geared players and farm randoms for honor.
Hey 1 or 2 under geared players amongst a geared pre made won’t hurt right? :wink:

Give this man a medal and make him a Dev for pvp. How is it that players seem to know more about this game and how it should work then the current Dev’s? I don’t know, maybe it has something to do with the fact that the Dev’s don’t want to listen to anything other then their own delusions on how this game should work.


I wish. Honestly though, I wouldn’t refuse the opportunity; it’d be a real joy to work at making WoW PVP the best PVP on the market. I mean, WoW PVP has so much potential. It really is sad to see all that potential squandered because this company simply refuses to invest in WoW PVP.

As for the developers: we need more developers who are truly passionate about the game. We need PVP players as PVP developers, and PVE players as PVE developers; we need people who genuinely love the game in charge of making it better. We need developers that are actively engaging with their respective communities; developers that don’t feel themselves above and separated from the community, but part of the community. I mean, we should feel like the developers are our best friends, and our allies - not our worst enemies.

I think the problem is that most of the developers aren’t PVP players; making matters worse, they aren’t engaged with the PVP community. It’s really not surprising that SL PVP is a complete dumpster fire. What’s sad is that it could be really good! If they went back to a WoD-style PVP gearing system for 9.2 – complete with the removal of rating gates, of course – PVP in 9.2 would be popping off. Would SL PVP be perfect? Not by a longshot, however, it would be a lot better than it is currently.

This is also a possibility.


Bring back Cata-Wod gearing. Thats it.


Holy crap on a cracker.

100,000 posts about how awful their rank system is and they proceed to offer more honor that unrated players can’t spend. Then they offer you a chance to send conquest to your alts but again, they lock it so only rated players can purchase.

Honestly, they’re the most ignorant bunch of developers of all time.


Equipping 2 legendaries will be a trainwreck of imbalance.


I look forward to being able to play both Elysian Might and Enduring Blows.

I would argue that there shouldnt even be conquest gear. The entire process should be honor gear.


I cant wait to be able to use Mark of the Master Assassin AND the kyrian leggo

Its big alright one of the streamers did a video on it. Blizzard is making more money with less subscriptions how? Tokens


From PvP though?

Actually, yes. PVP gameplay is highly competitive. How the system currently works, gear is practically a necessity to compete at all - even in unrated PVP content. Thus, a lot of people wind up buying carries just so they can play the game. Sadly, the system is built up to leech off of the poorly treated casual player base.

The problem with this business model is that it leads to short term profits (token sales) at the expense of long term losses (subscriptions); it’s a typical mistake that kills businesses. After all, as subscriptions drop in the long term, so too will token sales.

carries and TONS of AH shortcuts, they really add up quickly to huge consistent gold buys

word is that bliz is doing everything they can to avoid MoP/WoD pvp systems because they allowed pvp players to play without any motivation to buy shortcuts (except a small amount chasing the cosmetics) - and pvp players used to be 50% of the playerbase

entire design these days is to promote the desire to shortcut. Gold costs bliz nothing. They don’t even spend as much as they would for consistent compelling new cosmetics like fortnite.

Selling gold on the cash shop was just a serious hit to the game’s value to players, and then they started designing the game systems around pushing the value of the gold bought shortcuts - further reducing the value of the game

I highly doubt this game will ever return to the player value provided in MoP and previous.

it’s run by 9to5’ers who will never get rich from wow and they are the C and D teams who can’t get jobs at the franchises that are going up instead of down. The only way to shine nowadays is to think up ways to increase cash shop revenue cuz subs are never going back to where they used to be until they go f2p which opens a huge bag of worms.

we may get some small concessions, but they are really bliz barely pulling back on their cash shop gold push because too many players were lost (i.e. more whales bailed than expected, system blowback heavier than anticipated)

overall point is that bliz doesn’t particularly want all those happy players from back in MoP/WoD days because most of them wouldn’t buy gold on the cash shop - they were part of the huge permanent sub losses in the pvp demographic

one gold buying whale is equal to 10-20 subs, sometimes 50+

gold buying blew up after being endorsed by the cash shop, vastly beyond what it was doing in the 3rd party market


Throwback to s1 where you’d pop out of stealth and just snap somebody in half.

This is a scathing critique and hard to hear, but I cant argue with any of it.


I’m hoping it’s just the holidays, but the WoW Community Council forum is already looking dead.


lol… seasons, they act as if this is some fare online pvp tournament that is taken seriously… Esports thinks this game is one big joke
if you cant balance around 1v1 and you have NPCs (pets) with. AI playing and its major gear based than, its total garbage
Blizzard takes their game way to serious and needs to understand that most people just want to have fun in pvp on an equal playing field
sadly they cater to the real life no life losers that only have fun when they can outgear others and play overpowerd classes that are flavour of the month or expansion
not everyone wants to waist months of their life with virtual friends raiding and doing arena to get gear in order to have an unfair advantage over others in random BGs


You can try and be nice sometimes too. ^

Actually all that is going to do is nullify their original action to adjust for the power creep for most players or the casuals. The casual player will feel the sting just like they were before.

Remember this:

PvP Gear Power Adjustments

Lower item-level PvP gear will now scale to a higher item-level in PvP situations than before. This should reduce the power level gap so that new characters can feel that they’re able to compete in Battlegrounds and Arenas more readily. This change will not affect high item-level PvP gear.

With this honor adjustment that all becomes undone. The power creep will go back up to what it was because people can gear faster. It wont take as long to farm the honor, meaning the gear item levels go up faster. Bilzzard really didn’t do much of anything. But, the optics kind of make it seem as they are.