Blizzard addresses PvP gearing, but still misses the mark

If you have the time, you guys should read the thread. Personally, I feel that an increase to honor rates is a bandaid when we need a larger fix. I understand that blizzard does not want to change up gearing in the middle of a season, that could be disastrous. However, with the talk of tier set bonuses in the next patch, I think Blizzard needs to rethink the way we acquire gear and upgrade gear before we run into an even larger power gap.


It really is, it’s not like earning X% more honor is going to “suddenly” make the iLvL gap between a 230ish casual and a 259 high-rated player disappear :laughing:

Pretty sure most of the players in those feedback threads (including me) were asking for/expecting some sort of standardized, across-the-board iLvL in PvP for the sake of making the game more alt-friendly and also easier to get into for new/returning players.

Still, it’s a small glimmer of light that anything related to PvP was directly addressed by a blue at all.

It’s unfortunate/sad that many of my fellow posters from that 9.1.5 PTR megathread have since quit the game/unsubbed and are not around to see themselves mentioned in this blue post :slightly_frowning_face:


I really wouldn’t mind the honor costs so much if the gear wasn’t worthless. When the most ideal way to gear up in PvP involves skipping the honor gear, you know the system is broken.




All they had to do was make 1 honor gear set 1 conquest set no rating requirements {or make it so higher rating you have more conquest u earn a week} no 9 upgrades

then everyone would be happy but nope too hard


The most ideal way for casuals to eliminate the gap is to purchase WoW Tokens in order to play Random Battlegrounds. Which is what the current corrupt business practice is all about. Selling those WoW Tokens.

I’m not purchasing or participating in any more retail expansions. I’m sorry for those Random Battleground players who will now be seeing 10-15min++ queues in the future expansions. Good luck.


I don’t think this happens anywhere near as often as people might think. Maybe I’m wrong, but it seems like boosts were millions of gold. There aren’t enough whales to make that sustainable, especially for just PvP. It made some sense when PvP gear was actually required for pushing PvE content early on, but not now.

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We can only agree to disagree, with no hard feelings against each other as individuals.


While there’s no real way to tell how often it does happen, the fact that it happens at all is a perversion to PvP. What makes it even worse is that Blizz makes little to no effort to correct it.


Looks like I’ll be using party sync for the foreseeable future!

If the first sentence from Kaivax isn’t

“The players are right, and we will give the players one conquest and one honor set” I will close the tab and stop reading.

Again, I will not allow blizzard to tell me how pvp gearing should be.


Better yet, just don’t purchase any more expansions. BOOM! Instant experience lock! You’ll have a permanent solo party sync :slight_smile: .


so the only way to fix the gear gap is make all gear equal? im not sure what you guys want here. I would argue if they could fix the rating and matchmaking system that gear almost shouldnt matter.

A gear gap should still exist, but not in its current form which is ~26 ilvls. No more upgrades, 2 sets of PvP gear. An Honor set and a Conquest set. 12 ilvl difference between them.


Gear does not need to be equal. I personally would prefer a more login and play system like that, but I understand that it isn’t popular in this style of game. But the gap doesn’t need to be as wide as it currently is, especially with borrowed power systems exacerbating the power creep.

They obviously aren’t going to drop the tiered upgrade system as it’s a major expansion system and it doesn’t make much sense to change it at this point. But they can easily improve upon it with a few simple changes imo. They have free reign over what the numbers are. They could easily squeeze the gap together.

For example, if they changed it to 4 tiers each, you could solve two problems immediately. You could shrink the gear gap to say 13 ilvls and eliminate almost half of the honor grind associated with it.

The other suggestion in that thread that I liked was making the first piece of honor gear BoE.


Instead of boosting honor gained, I would prefer decreasing the honor upgrade cost.

Also, conquest feels useless when you’ve purchased all gear/items needed from the vendor and all your alts have conquest gear from the boxes. Having a way to convert conquest to honor would be nice.

Additionally, it would be great if we could send honor from our main to an alt (something similar to sending soul ash to an alt would be fine, imo)


Missing the mark is an understatement.
This blue post further demonstrates that the current dev team has no comprehension of what PvP is. They may be trying, but they’re failing. There seems to be only 3 people consistently posting about PvP in that subforum and they’re not doing bad but they need to push Blizzard more. Stop sugarcoating it, call out their BS and bad design philosophies. Prosident is the closest one willing to do so.


You may believe it, but your player base is telling you differently. No one, and I mean no one that I have heard of anyway, is asking for the honor buff you are presenting. People are complaining about getting ROFLSTOMPED by geared people who are farming honor. This may prevent that a little. But, its still going to happen. Put it this way Blizz, lets say you own a restaurant. You “BELIEVE” that keeping the temperature at 60 is enough for your dining customers to have a fulfilling dining experience. You’re customers on the other hand are constantly complaining that they are freezing and the experience is very unpleasant.

So you have three choices. 1. You can insist on what you believe and force your customers to sit and eat in Artic temperatures. 2. You can give what a majority of the community want’s and turn the temperature up to room temp at 70 degrees. 3. Keep insisting that the temp stays at 60 degress and offer a solution of free crackers to your dining guests. Which confuses them, as no one is asking for free crackers. It also doesn’t change a thing because you’re dining guests are still freezing.

It is true if you go with option 2 you will have to pay a higher heating bill and there may be a little headache involved keeping things warmer. However, most restaurant owners will tell you that keeping it room temperature would be the best route to ensure your customers keep returning to dine again.


It’s like they have this tone of professionalism about that and they think they need to compromise and have reasoning and discourse when sometimes you just need to tell it like it is. These guys need to be less diplomatic about their approach and more aggressive, especially on topics that the player base is pretty unified on.


Exactly - stop the compliment sandwiches and tell it like it is.


Sadly, it’s apparent that after a design has been locked in for a particular expansion, Blizzard is unable to completely change it after it’s been released, even if big changes are desperately needed.

Better luck next expansion? Maybe?

I guess it depends if the devs learned anything from SL PvP, or if they still feel their power gap design intentions are correct and casual players are the ones who need to change.