Blizzard addresses PvP gearing, but still misses the mark

Missing the mark is an understatement.
This blue post further demonstrates that the current dev team has no comprehension of what PvP is. They may be trying, but they’re failing. There seems to be only 3 people consistently posting about PvP in that subforum and they’re not doing bad but they need to push Blizzard more. Stop sugarcoating it, call out their BS and bad design philosophies. Prosident is the closest one willing to do so.


You may believe it, but your player base is telling you differently. No one, and I mean no one that I have heard of anyway, is asking for the honor buff you are presenting. People are complaining about getting ROFLSTOMPED by geared people who are farming honor. This may prevent that a little. But, its still going to happen. Put it this way Blizz, lets say you own a restaurant. You “BELIEVE” that keeping the temperature at 60 is enough for your dining customers to have a fulfilling dining experience. You’re customers on the other hand are constantly complaining that they are freezing and the experience is very unpleasant.

So you have three choices. 1. You can insist on what you believe and force your customers to sit and eat in Artic temperatures. 2. You can give what a majority of the community want’s and turn the temperature up to room temp at 70 degrees. 3. Keep insisting that the temp stays at 60 degress and offer a solution of free crackers to your dining guests. Which confuses them, as no one is asking for free crackers. It also doesn’t change a thing because you’re dining guests are still freezing.

It is true if you go with option 2 you will have to pay a higher heating bill and there may be a little headache involved keeping things warmer. However, most restaurant owners will tell you that keeping it room temperature would be the best route to ensure your customers keep returning to dine again.


It’s like they have this tone of professionalism about that and they think they need to compromise and have reasoning and discourse when sometimes you just need to tell it like it is. These guys need to be less diplomatic about their approach and more aggressive, especially on topics that the player base is pretty unified on.


Exactly - stop the compliment sandwiches and tell it like it is.


Sadly, it’s apparent that after a design has been locked in for a particular expansion, Blizzard is unable to completely change it after it’s been released, even if big changes are desperately needed.

Better luck next expansion? Maybe?

I guess it depends if the devs learned anything from SL PvP, or if they still feel their power gap design intentions are correct and casual players are the ones who need to change.


This would be huge. But it means nothing with honor gear locked behind 43 and 59 renown. Please blizzard change or remove those requirements and the gearing process would be insanely better


I still don’t see the point of buy and upgrading all that PvP gear when you are still not competitive in PvP, not even in random BGs

This entire expansion, from the top down, has been a complete failure and why Shadowlands is worse then BFA


Yeah, I don’t either. But they won’t change it mid expansion or season. So we just have to wait it out

If it’s not their idea, then forget about it. Of course they know what’s good for their game, it’s thriving and not hemorrhaging players right? How foolish of us to suggest changes that would keep players logging in and having fun :roll_eyes:.


Still amazed that they don’t adopt the MoP/WoD systems that we had.


Let them eat cake


getting honor faster isnt the issue. being forced into rated play to compete in random bgs is.


and let me cut to the chase, it doesn’t work when casual bgs are full of rated boosters demolishing you just because you don’t want to push yourself into competitive mode or pay more money to get carried and would rather relax and have fun, hell I have more fun doing low level bg’s than max level. My friend tried so hard to get me into arenas, I told him I just can’t with the condition of this pvp season.


I’m so glad the players immediately disputed this. This is such an absurd claim.


It’s about metrics now buddy

Someone got clapped on the back for adding huge rep grind to every single piece of pvp gear


why increase the honor gained instead of reducing the honor upgrade cost?

honor gained also plays into honor level, something players have been grinding for several years, a flat out 40% increase to honor for a grind that can take months to years is huge


im probably going to get a lot of crap for this but in the early MoP days we had pvp power and pvp resilience. I thought hose were good ways of addressing the pvp issues at the time. maybe we can bring something like that back? also gearing now requires an insane amount of hours to get to the best in slot for pvp gear such as obtaining socketing for the pvp gear. im a returning player still getting pvp gear in shadowlands but it looks like it will take days of playing just to get enough stygia to add 1 socket. gearing in pvp should be obtained from pvping and not farming outside of pvp. this form of gearing turns a lot of people off to pvp and even causes would be pvpers to quit the game, my self included. i only came back because i recently got more into the lore of the game but im starting to get turned off by the way we have to gear for pvp again


Blizzard your post was such an insult. You could have simply told us 4 months ago during the 9.1.5 ptr Forums (when you never responded to us) to go pound sand. You guys are so disrespectful to our time in asking for feedback only to ignore it and then go against it months later. You guys are utterly incompetent. I have never seen the community as unified about anything as we have been about gearing and yet you insist that there must be this horribly designed tier system.

You guys have an entire game based off of PvP skill. OVETWATCH! That’s your game. Do you see tier sets in that game? No. People play because the gameplay is amazing. If you lose, it’s not because of gear. I guarantee you that if you put gear into that game like you have in SL, you would see a major drop in participation. What works in PvE doesn’t work in PvP!

Can you please get somebody who actually understands PvP to run PvP? You are not a small indie company and I am tired of this bs. You guys act like it’s some major fix that needs to happen. It’s literally a numbers change. We aren’t asking for much at all. It makes no sense from a business standpoint, even when you consider tokens and boosting. It doesn’t make sense from a design standpoint and it sure as hell isn’t fun. This is so frustrating. You guys are actively choosing to disregard a majority of player feedback.


Also your council…and yes this is relevant to this topic. We all know that is a pr stunt to make us peasants think you are listening. Preach gaming said you already had one and he is in it. You also have mountains upon mountains of feedback for free via the forums that you set up as the primary source for feedback! You also have twitch and YouTube. You had major streamers and professionals who are in touch with your player base.

Just the fact that you decided to do this council should be enough proof of how disconnected you are to your own player base. As a business, that’s a horrible thing. We are in this mess because you guys are arrogant and do not listen to your own base. There is a major disconnect which is causing this simple gearing issue to be a real issue and frustration that I’m tired of trying to articulate to you guys. Get your act together, stop wasting our time and do your job.


A 40% increase to honor gains has the same effect as reducing the prices. So maybe one change is much easier to implement? Changing the price of a bunch of items/upgrade ranks vs just changing a single buff?

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