Blizz reimbursed you 5 million gold

For your AH mount. What do you do?

Buy that dinosaur mount thing before it goes away


Someone didn’t understand the question lol



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Since I didn’t buy one in the first place, I open a ticket before getting in trouble for spending the gold buying every little pet I don’t already own.



I can’t stop laughing. Thanks


Buys longboi!

Oh wait, you mean because Longboi is gone? In that case, 5,000,000 on the AH for other mounts I don’t have!

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Wonder why I’ve suddenly got 5 mil gold in the mail.


Why would they reimburse me ?

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Go to GS and buy some love.

I kid.I don’t even own an ah mount. :stuck_out_tongue:


Wonder why they spent development time on it if it is no longer usable by anyone that pulled finger and bought it.
Then wonder why blizzard caved to the snowflakes that can’t handle other people having stuff that they don’t have
Then look up what other things they are either getting rid of or bringing back for the same reasons (famed slayer and aotc mounts for example)

It’ll still be usable by everybody who bought it, just nobody else new will be able to get it.

Nothing. There’s not a whole lot I want to buy ingame. I might buy some game time, maybe a month or, better yet, see if there’s a way to get the RAF mog I like so much with all that gold.

That’d be it. Might give some away. If it was real money, I’d have a whole different answer.

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I know what is happening but op asked a hypothetical of if blizz reimbursed it.

Awww but I never bought it, but hypothetically if that’s the case. Nothing really… just keep being unsubbed.

Spend 2mill on a mythic Jaina carry for her mount and pocket the remaining 3mill.

Do I get to keep my mount?

If yes, then I would donate the 5 mill to a stranger so they can go buy one.

If No, I would raise holly double-matchsticks and probably rage quit because I worked my rear end off to be able to buy that thing!

Actually, thats not entirely correct. The mount will still be available for purchase on the Black Market Auction - occasionally. Also, people who have the mounts will still be able to use them, so will strangers.

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No you don’t get to keep it. Blizz wants all AH mounts removed. You can buy it 1000 times but you will get reimbursed 1000 times.

A few times a year, one person on each realm will be able to acquire it through the black market auction house. That’s not exactly available “for purchase”.

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