Blizz Please Break Horde Premades

Don’t get me started on all the sh*# talking they did in whispers, yell and say.

Totally demoralizing.

Blizz you went half way. Do it right and give deserter to dropping queue and block cross-team communication and it will be perfect!

Or, make rated BGs and let the premades do that.

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They said it in the bluepost that it will just be for this weekend to collect data. Seeing how everyone is crying about it they might not even implement it in the end. It’s like everyone assumes the worst and gets mad based off that

They do need to do this, yes. I don’t know why they didn’t in the 1st place.

When you start a post with “Blizzard said,” anything following is to be for comedic purposes only.

“Collect data.” Yep, more spreadsheet material because everyone that has played this game for longer than a year knows feedback is not relevant “data.”

And I will bet that the “data” will show it being favorable for them. Hmmm, I wonder what happens when you cater to a crying majority? I wonder if they like it? Oh, the minority doesn’t like it? Oh well, they’re the minority.

This about to be good.


I mean…

its obvious that theyre not going to let the 90 minute queues continue to be a thing, im assuming that this weekend is to just gather data to see what they want to set the time in queue to be before same faction gets enabled, and things like that. this is more than likely going to be implemented permanently either this tuesday or next.

What you are doing is making up your own facts and then trying to argue as if what you just made up is truth instead of having a dicussion based off of the facts that we have. One fact being: horde vs horde queues for THIS WEEKEND ONLY. - will they add this as a permanent feature? Perhaps… but you do not know this, you assume it and you are getting mad based off this assumption.

And if they are catering to a crying community, which crying community is it? The horde or the alliance? Or are you now going to make up more facts?

You can tell which players bought their accounts.

Blizzard is just testing and looking for feedback

When I saw the post yesterday I knew this would be the next thing.

Just remember meta players don’t care about casuals.

Welcome to wow, you need to be a neckbeard to enjoy the game.

Just remember everyone “Live to win!.”

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it will be like this the whole time. You will be getting farmed by premades or you join them. Happened in Classic.

The best part? They can trash talk to you. Yep, you get to put up against them and they can name call and harass you! Such a great fix to cater to the impatient while throwing fun and immersion out the window.

Exactly. I might quit PVP over it completely. This sort of thing should not be allowed at all. We’ll see.

I have like 260k kills on my characters combined from Classic PVP but yeah not worth it. Maybe Classic Era will come back to life over people wanting to play and I can go back there or something.


Lol. It’s a test for the weekend then they will make changes to make it better for the permanent one

Oh no!


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That’s not a premade. That is a pug that is spanking you and your team folded. GG cry more :baby: :baby_bottle: :sob:

At least there is something to enjoy from this.


Lmao its not even a day and 1 post already pure gold

I really hope some Orc rogue posts how OP hardiness is next. Would be great

You may have a high chance of being right, but currently you are making an assumption. This is straight from the blue post:
“We’ll follow the action closely throughout the weekend, and with scheduled maintenance next week (July 6 in this region), we’re going to return the matchmaker to its regular configuration and analyze what happened.”

They did not say “on July 6th we will implement these changes permanently”.

Seriously does no one read the blue post? If you are just going to default assume that everything in the blue post are lies then what’s the point ?

No, because then they can’t be mad about certain things.

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I was excited about same faction BGs but this is the kinda stuff that makes me regret it. I get trash talking Ally but I guess there is no faction pride or identity anymore.

As someone with both Horde and Alliance toons you fought Alliance premades at a much higher rate until today when I’ve only faced Horde premades.