Blizz Negligent for Profit. Short-term goals hinder long-term ones

Blizz is so transparently exploiting the population issues many servers are experiencing as a cash-grab on people mass-transferring off servers.

They’ve dragged their feet fixing the BG queue times for Horde, causing a massive imbalance across the PvP/Arena community and making it nearly unplayable.

Their report system is trash.
Their speed at fixing problems is slow and explained with BS excuses.

Why renew subscription? I can’t seem to find a reason.
Which sucks because I love the game. But this is beyond ridiculous and becoming insulting.


How do BG queue times affect arena?

I agree that they have probably been looking more at short term profits lately rather than the long term, but I don’t think they are using server transfers as a cash grab because of population issues. I’m not sure that transfers are a significant source of revenue for those reasons. They just don’t see the population issues as a big enough problem. They actually offered free transfers off a few realms that were high population in which players were experiencing actual issues logging in during the first weeks of BC Classic.

Is this for real? This can’t be real lol.
You need marks of honor, and honor to buy pvp gear to be at all competitive in arena

Uhh … I give you a C for effort, but you really should try harder.

Again, trying too hard.

I can’t argue with this. It’s no where near what it used to be.

Nobody is twisting your arm man. :man_shrugging:

Q times aren’t broken it’s a queue princess you gotta wait

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Spoken like a perma-sub-1500.

Anyway if gear is that important to you, most of your arena opponents will be horde (they are the majority faction, especially in PVP) who have the same BG queues as you and therefore the same gear. So come up with some better cope, yeah?

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No, it’s literally common sense lol. To say otherwise is disingenuous

Well excuuuuuuuuuse me princess.

Do you not fight other horde in Arena? That would be news to me.

It makes sense as a fantasy in your mind. None of it makes sense in real life, about Blizzard.

That’s good. But somewhere along the way, you have developed some unrealistic ideas about what the game is, what Blizzard’s job is, and so on.

Maybe you read the forums, and get ideas there.

5 points for using a big word and spelling it properly. But you don’t get the other 5 points for “using the word correctly”. Instead it is just a word on your “bad word” list, to be used on anyone who disagrees with you.

In simple fact, people who disagree with are NOT “disingenuous”, even if you are right and they are wrong. And “disingenous” does not mean “opposed to common sense”.

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I’m making an active effort to stop engaging with trolls. So best of luck on your endeavors


Everyone that disagrees with you is a troll?

Case in point.

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still got 1 hour ques what you talking about bud?

Read the thread I linked? OP says Blizz is “dragging their feet.” Meanwhile, they’ve said they’re working on a fix. It’s been roughly two weeks since they stopped the HvH bg’s with the intent of “trying new things.”

Not sure what’s so confusing about my comment?

going on 3 weeks… The testing thing 100% fixed it and they took it away… So I agree with him… How do you not understand the logic in that?

Logic? How is it “logic” when you claim a company is “dragging their feet” when they’re actually communicating on the fact they’re working on a fix?

That’s pure and simple impatience. Sure, it sucks … I’m not saying otherwise, but to claim they’re procrastinating is reaching way too hard.

There are multiple other issues people have brought up repeatedly on the forums and there is little to no communication on them; however, there is communication on this.

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Yea like they don’t over buff one class and over nerf another every single patch for the past 5 years to keep people re rolling and re gearing fotm?

Kind of like they “don’t” dont that?

I’ve had guys living in their moms basements run better tbc servers then this.

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