Blizz needs to answer these 2 questions

Blizz left out the real reason why they don’t want to add RDF - and it’s implied here I think - they simply don’t want to spend the money - it would cost heaps to implement it.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they somehow “lost the code” over the year

Edit: actually now that you mention it the lack of code is the reason they gave us nerfed AV in 2019

Their answer was not at this time, which just means keep asking.

Given how buggy Wrath classic has been this is a very likely reason why, they simply lack the skill to implement it.

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You’re basically Bloomsday level troll so I’m sure that’s what you got from them tripling down on no RDF.

Hmm… they have yet to say RDF will never be added, and given their history of flip flopping on bad decisions like they did with flying the only way to make it happen is to keep bringing it up :slight_smile:


Yea uhmmm

Right so keep asking them, they have a long history of making bad decisions and not reverting them without community feedback :slight_smile:

I doubt it. If private servers do it it can’t be that difficult. Yeah, running multiple servers is a bit more complicated but the private servers weren’t getting $15 a month from every person who played on the server.

The loud minority want rdf.

They did. Full stop.

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why are people afraid to just make a poll system like osrs has, make an ingame npc that has polling options for potential changes and limit votes to one per bnet account

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Weird how every poll disagrees with this.

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There will always be something. I wouldn’t place much stock in the forums as representative of the general player base.

Living in denial must get old. Idc if you argue against RDF, but youre just denying reality

think about it, wotlk will not be alive forever and cata won’t cost them money to put it “since it’s not a new game” so ofc cata will eventually arrive

You mean those open vote polls that are easy to vote multiple times on and can be botted?

Ya, not exactly a good source of data there.

I dont trust easily manipulated data collection methods. And for good reason.

None of those polls linked that i uave seen even had a “i am not a robot” test on them so…

They answered 1 of them and hinted towards the 2nd.
They said flat out that RDF isnt for classic and they dont believe it for the community. Too many just wont accept that answer and will continue to poke and prod.
The 2nd they sent out a questionnaire for Cata. We are still only phase 1 so its WAYYYYYY to early to tell if they plan to go past wrath. It will depend on how well the retention is throughout the expansion and the results from the polling.

I didn’t mind RDF as the content was easy and it had a item level you had to meet to queue. I made a lot of friends I still have today from RDF.

Now for some reason LFR didn’t work out like RDF did. People became toxic in Looking For Raid, and hardcore raiders became angry when a LFRer got gear at or near their item level from forging. But mostly it was the toxic attitude of folks that had done the content before against new folks who hadn’t yet. It was and still is a big issue. I don’t even bother with raids in retail, just run mythic+ dungeons. Which I have not done for a long time.

Just my opinion if they add RDF and only RDF, and stay away from LFR it will be good for the classic Wrath and Cata if they do it.

That you refuse to provide any evidence have been manipulated :slight_smile: