Blizz needs to answer these 2 questions

Here is my unsubscription response (I have 3 accounts):

I no longer have faith in you. Not bringing back RDF when it was in Icecrown, plus not telling us if we are losing all of our characters to “Cata Classic”. Every question and survey overwhelmingly in favor on the forums gone unanswered.

Going to take me and my family elsewhere to other games and servers. For many of us we have clear reasons for playing and the iteration of WoW at ICC, which included RDF, was where we wanted to be. It’s clear though that some ridiculous minority spouting off “social benefits” controls the leash. Enjoy as this whole Classic affair dwindles and dies because of your shortsightedness, I guess.

And Retail is a joke, doing a level squish to destroy everyone’s work over the years was an insane blunder. I have no idea why I thought you might do the right thing in Wratch Classic. Silly me.


I don’t think blizzard truly understands the impact the level squish had on some players.

Nor do they care.


No one knows yet. Does it matter?

I feel like whether Blizzard says anything or not, we’ll get our answers eventually.

To some people it does.

I’ve read people say they don’t want to dedicate themselves to a game and character that’s just going to be outdated.

I’ve also read people say they didn’t like the changes brought in with the shattering and it’s enough to quit. Or some other change that came with the xpack.


I have been around long enough to understand that “We do not have plans” is very different from “we will not” especially from a company… infact I would say this language should be translated as “we have no clue what we will do, we hope this will make people stop talking about it”.



What does that mean? Are they new to WoW?

Ok, so why does that matter now though? Those changes aren’t coming to Wrath. They could just quit in Cata.

You can have whatever head canon you want. All we can follow is what we have from Blizzard and that’s that they’ve said 3 times we will not be getting RDF.

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They have a bad habit of changing their minds and caving to pressure… I think anyone interested in getting their way should continue to pressure them if they are that interested in it… or go play another game, just skip retail, its probably where blizzard wants them to go.

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One of the all time worst business decisions in the gaming industry lol


Not even in the top 10 for Blizzard alone rofl

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Can’t be that bad, you’re still subscribed.


JFC dude yes that was decided they have said they have no plans to incorporate RDF. You can try to get them to reverse that decision (it’s happened before) , but it absolutely has been made

Maybe so, but that is a separate debate. The point here is that question has been answered.

Reluctantly to game with friends, i hate giving money to blizzard.

And just because the game is still playable does not mean it couldnt be substantially better

Yeah but you guys could play other games together. You’ve chosen not to. That’s because it’s not as bad of a decision as you’re making it out to be.

Sure, but it it does mean that it’s not even nearly close to the “all time worst businesses decisions in the gaming industry.” In reality, it’s just a decision that you personally dislike, yet you still play anyway.

A decision that the vast majority dislikes. Hence all the RDF posts.

And they have lost tons of more casual players. Casual players keep the game alive

Citation needed.

The forums is your citation? Where people have complained about everything since original vanilla? And all these RDF posts where no one is quitting?

And you wonder why they went in a direction different from your personal view.

Citation needed.

I feel exactly the same and I’m anti RDF til ICC and even than only to appease those who really want it and because the ICC patch is known as the alt patch due to it being the content drought patch.

That said I feel like many retail refugees and new players to WOTLKC were kinda falsely advertised. The Fresh realms got screwed early because of queues and the established realms are full of classic Andys. Blizzard skipped out on RDF mostly due to how hated it is by the Andy’s that they didn’t have a viable option for new players coming for WOTLKC alone. They should of had fresh realms with separate ecosystems that could of had xserver and RDF for the Wrath kiddos. Andy’s like myself would be happy and people like you who want RDF would be happy.

Sadly Blizzard puts in literally 0 effort and has basically Classic on maintenance mode with like 6 devs and a couple coffee interns.

Ill see you around man. If you shuffled your sock puppets people might take the bait