Blizz hits us with the ole bait and switch

do you not get more points for higher rating??

The real sour part is they purposely withheld how conquest gear would work until the day before the season starts.


Bait n Switch


I don’t see any blue posts, did something change??

i learned years ago to never get excited for anything blizzard, and this is why. i finally convinced myself to be excited for arenas tomorrow, and this is what i get. this is why i never got excited for legion or bfa, and why i wasnt originally excited for shadowlands. but after playing it i enjoyed it and was excited for the first time in 6 years to be doing arenas and now i probably wont be playing. atleast not until 5 months from now when i can come back and get a full set of gear ROFL.

back to waiting for classic TBC to have arenas again.


make sure to read the bullet points

Yeah because their metrics probably look REALLY friggin good right now. More action in BG’s then the past 4+ years

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Its not a bait and switch.

I been seeing the writing on the wall, saying this would happen for months.


this isnt going to sting just for the early season. this is going to take 20 weeks. and thats only for the bare minimum to get a full set, that doesnt include getting extra trinkets or anything like that which will take several more weeks. but hey maybe we’ll be geared for next season.

Just in time for the new raid tier gear to come out :smiley:

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I try to avoid buying into the conspiracies around metrics and time played, but this is a real low point in community interaction even for them.

There’s no rational answer for why they wouldn’t hammer out this system and make it transparent to the community before the game even launched, much less the day before the season.


it should be painfully clear that blizzard designs things with metrics in mind based on bfa and the amount of time gating weve seen.

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Who said this?

I’ll play along.

Vendors are back and you can technically get Bis gear from pvp (maybe not a 232 wep but that isn’t what this thread is about).

They just waited until the day before the season to tell us how long that would take.

Based on how blizz has reacted to feedback so far I’m pretty confident they will up the rate. Which is why I’m not really panicking and calling all sorts of names like some.

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10 weeks for a weapon guys.


Why is this a problem? We have a whole season to play out still. Why do you need max iLVL gear week one?

itll likely be changed yeah, but the fact that blizzard is stupid enough to think this is ok, to tell us how the conquest system will work THE NIGHT BEFORE ARENAS RELEASE, and probably take a month to fix the broken system after the damage has been done isnt ok.

Honestly it’s probably a short staffing issue more than anything. It’s not hard to speculate that raid/keystone development/QA will take more resources than instanced pvp, on top of the fact that ppl are working from home. But yeah i might sound like im defending blizz but I just think their track record suggests it’ll get fixed. Just making the weekly cap accumulative would fix it imo

Stoopzz videos were too long, no one at Blizzard had the time to watch them to preven this U_U