Blizz bothers to hotfix prematch gemming, doesn't bother with ilv weight

They refuse to release the scaling algorithm, not that it would matter because we’d have to take their word for it, since you can’t tell unless you test with two characters. For all we know, they might buff certain classes by more than others because of the scaling. Maybe a 425 DH takes less damage because of scaling than a 425 priest or vice versa. Maybe it changes pretty often based on some random dev pushing undocumented changes when he’s pvping. You would never be able to tell.

I don’t understand how people are just ok with this? Outdoor world mobs scaled with ilvl for a week and there was a MAJOR uproar on the forums. Scaling players’ gear DOWN in pvp, nerfing every ability, nerfing your crit chance by who-knows how much, nerfing your vers by some unknown percent. Does anyone even know how much damage your character is SUPPOSED to be doing?

This is how the first ilev scaling fiasco in legion started where folks playing side by side could see the scaling as it occurred and discovered removing gear made them more powerful, or at least a quick ‘time to kill’.

It’s pathetic really when we have to play cop to a gaming company we pay. I myself have had enough of the lies, deceit, and ineptitude.


As someone who already hates PvP, this makes me hate PvP even more. (And sympathise with PvP players who must be frustrated to no end.)
As a player of Blizzard games, this is really discouraging me from playing WoW and, honestly, any of their other games.

Now we know. Can’t see shadowlands being anything but worse due to their inability to implement good concepts.

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I may have missed something. What exactly did Blizz do? I’ve done very little pvp this patch so I’m not sure what the gemming thing is.

If your gear has sockets and you put a gem in it, your character actually gets worse instead of better. So despite increasing your Versatility by 50 on your character, you actually do less damage, but only the opponent can tell (the damage that pops up on your screen is wrong).

The underlying problem behind sockets and scaling is that every socket currently adds .6 PvP ilvl, and the stat benefits from the gems do not outweigh the performance loss triggered from the higher PvP ilvl.

PvP scaling and gems are broken as they relate to each other, so instead of adjusting that, Blizzard simply made it so we HAVE to take our punishment. Instead of, yknow, fixing what we saw as a problem.

“We’Re LiSTeNiNG!!!11!!1ONE!!1”

Oh, that’s dirty. I can’t believe this is the first I’ve heard of this.

I like that they fixed the workaround for the problem and not the actual problem itself.

Very nice, 10/10 job Blizzard.

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I think their motto now is, “PC players are racists, please reassign me to the mobile game team.”

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Almost seems like it was intentional…

Blizzard is run by out-of-touch boomers who can’t handle criticism anymore, what do you expect?


We have had arena for 14 years and it’s always sucked as an esport.

Just something to pass the time.

Scaling though needs to go. Let the fresh 120s get murdered while they gear up like always. Scaling screws it up too much.

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I’m hoping they are working on a fix to make gem sockets relevant in pvp. Would be helpful to hear something from blizzard on this issue.

With the world arena ‘e-sport’ is kicking off, I wonder how many of those teams were going gem up every round? Now all the competitors have had probably a month or more of effort building gemmed sets for arena.

This kind of thing along with all the borrowed power layers upon layers in pve is just bad, unfun design. Decisions like this to nerf the work around, but leave the problem along with a series of fun detected - fun eliminated actions that is ongoing does not leave much hope for the game going forward. I’m not preordering for the first time in since WoD (which was because I was not active at WoD’s launch). I’ll try out SL, but if it is just more of this process, then I’m out.

I’ve been holding off on shadowlands preorder due to the covenant system. Seems likely to be very messy.

But, to be honest, the final straw in my decision to not preorder is Blizzard seemingly ignoring the pvp gem issue.

It just feels so bad to have spent so many hours farming sockets. And they haven’t even commented on it, let alone fixing it.