Blizz bothers to hotfix prematch gemming, doesn't bother with ilv weight

I guess Blizzard employees are just embarrassed.


I’m very disappointed that they fixed pre-match gemming but not the actual bug that caused people to do it.

It is probably a lot easier to fix pre-match gemming (Just don’t allow people to gem in arenas) than it is to change the entire ilvl scaling formula, I imagine. So maybe they just did this to make arenas playable while they work on the new formula.


Its really kinda insulting. Like why do we not have wod scaled gear. Their whole argument was multiple sets of gear. Thats worse than ever if we need sockets on pve v pvp

This is no longer even a game, the rules change daily on a whim negating weeks of effort because blizz can’t be bothered to admit a mistake.

E-sport? wha? Who is going to play a sport that changes rules based on inept development teams.

Are they really going forward with a world e sport event built on top of this game?! hahahaa


I was under the impression that they are no longer doing arenas during blizzcons going forward after the last blizzcon tourney was ruined by Xalzaix’s Veiled Eye.

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If real sports broke their own rules as often as Blizzard does, nobody would ever watch them!

Can you imagine a chess tourney where it was possible the folks hosting the tourney could announce: Pawns can now move 3 squares.

Well blizz this is what you look like to us. bozos


Football - lose yards if you complete a pass over the shoulder.

Basketball - three point throws now cause you to lose points.

Meanwhile Blizzard markets this stuff like it’s the second coming and can’t be bothered to get the fundamentals right. Maybe spend less money on flash and a little more on substance…

Moves that would kill rooks and knights trigger a bubble that prevent them from dying. 2 minute cooldown.


Fun was detected. Fun was dealt with accordingly.

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It’s not even fun though, it’s making our gem slots not hurt us lol…


Truth :space_invader:


How about fixing the PvP scaling? Actually, the fix would be to remove it.


The entire premise of the genre is eternal progression, some players will be more powerful than others. As it is now it is just the players who take the time to exploit the technical glitches caused by poor programming that win.

Kills all motivation to upgrade my character. Upgrades are apprently downgrades because of scaling, verse makes you less effective, crits might not even be crits on the opponent’s screen. Who knows?? I can’t trust anything the game or my character’s stat block is telling me.


For all we know every encounter is a single dice roll, win/lose, and the rest of it is just an animation with the pretense of an encounter. The roll also decides how many rounds the animation will last but the win/lose roll has already been decided.

Wod alpha and beta were the last time i witnessed players who did the math, laid it all out for the devs, and were ignored. Not only was relevant feedback ignored it was erased and overwritten so folks couldn’t point back to the posts as devs played dumb claiming they had no idea.

They also had an exodus of original wow developers and leads, mid wod expansion. That’s when I saw the change go from ‘by gamers for gamers’ to whatever it is you can call their motto now.

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They refuse to release the scaling algorithm, not that it would matter because we’d have to take their word for it, since you can’t tell unless you test with two characters. For all we know, they might buff certain classes by more than others because of the scaling. Maybe a 425 DH takes less damage because of scaling than a 425 priest or vice versa. Maybe it changes pretty often based on some random dev pushing undocumented changes when he’s pvping. You would never be able to tell.

I don’t understand how people are just ok with this? Outdoor world mobs scaled with ilvl for a week and there was a MAJOR uproar on the forums. Scaling players’ gear DOWN in pvp, nerfing every ability, nerfing your crit chance by who-knows how much, nerfing your vers by some unknown percent. Does anyone even know how much damage your character is SUPPOSED to be doing?

This is how the first ilev scaling fiasco in legion started where folks playing side by side could see the scaling as it occurred and discovered removing gear made them more powerful, or at least a quick ‘time to kill’.

It’s pathetic really when we have to play cop to a gaming company we pay. I myself have had enough of the lies, deceit, and ineptitude.