Bliz taking waterwalking away from strikers

buddy every single reward should be rewarded for ‘compelling fun gameplay’

not from tedium, nobody is paying to have a dev bore them to death

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See, having to unlock portals would be fine if it was account bound. Like the kara ring (it being a toy), or the Timeless trinket. Then it would be perfectly fine, but as of now there is no way to do that, or it’s per character.

I believe this mount equipment is BoA, hence why I’m not all too concerned. (AKA you can get it and send it to alts on your exalted toon)

Cool, well looks like you won’t get pathfinder then. :woman_shrugging:

Because it was mentioned earlier. The prices.

Per WoWhead article

Judgehype announced that Blizzard thinks the price should be 1,000 gold

It applies to your mount on whatever character you use it. Also if you have the rep to buy a water strider, you have the rep to buy as many of the items as you want.

For those at exalted, though? …I can see the outrage if so, oof. I thought it’d just be one gold…

Well, a character under level 90 won’t have the rep to get the water strider mount anyway. Any character that has the Angler’s rep to buy the mount can also buy the item and send it to lower level alts.

So, yeah, that’s also a bit disappointing that instead of being able to give water walking to alts at level 90, it’s delayed until at least one character is level 100 regardless of rep.

Maybe it is just too late and I am sleep deprived. But what exactly is disappointing?

Is it that people that have zero toons over level 100 can’t participate in the system?

I know of a solution to this, maybe.

Keep water strider walking, but remove the ability to use other equipment on it, like they are with sky golem. You keep the walking, but it gives no benefit over other mounts, like right now.

T&E also announced that mounts that have additional effects will not benefit from equipment slots (e.g. Sky Golem), except for your vendor mounts.”

I mean, its a solution. But now everyone gets a water walking mount and a daze immune mount.

I think the intention is that you pick one or the other. They obviously have in mind that people should have more diversity in mount selection. This really won’t change mount selection. Everyone will be on their water strider.

It’s that right now, if a person is level 90 and has the proper Angler’s rep, he or she can buy the water strider mount and then any character level 20 or higher can have water walking. After 8.2, regardless of rep, only a level 100 character will be able to buy the item and send it to lower level alts. It’s a 10 level difference.

Not a major deal, but another way in which functionality that is currently available won’t be available under the same conditions as it is now.

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True. In that case, like I said–I think it should be per mount in my opinion. Like, you apply the equipment, it’s per-mount-per-character. Yes, you’d have to buy more stuff, but you’d get a larger ability to pick and choose, and if you really wanted to save like 1g(or whatever the price is) by not getting water walking from Anglers, you have your strider. Or, even if they did take it away, just apply it to strider again or something. I dunno.

At this point, I’m tired too. I’m looking forward to this mount equipment, but per mount would be so much better in my opinion.

Ok. I understand you now.

I don’t think they’ve come out and said only a level 100 can purchase it, though. If they did, my apologies, I missed it.

I misread this initially. But (to me) that says once you hit lvl 100 on any toon, the system is unlocked. Once its unlocked on any toon, the entire system is unlocked on all toons.

So (to me) that is saying once you have a level 100 toon, a level 90 toon with rep should be able to purchase the item.

I’m going by the part that says, “If your goal is to have waterwalking while leveling, you can just enable the waterwalking Mount Equipment (there will be one available via Anglers reputation that will be bind-on-account), and it’ll work exactly as before, with the benefit of making all of that character’s mounts walk on water.

Specifically the part I bolded. To me, that says the item can be purchased from the Anglers if you have a character with the right rep, and it’ll be BoA so that character can send it to lower level alts to use while leveling.

The last part, “all of that character’s mounts walk on water,” tells me that it’s a character specific effect, so the item needs to be purchased and send to each individual character in order to get the water walking effect.

The item is BoA; the effect is specific to each character.

Yeah, I get you there.

I was mostly referring to the notion that there may be a grey area where the toon that earned the rep did not hit 100…which could cause issues on the ability to purchase the item?

Like lets say Akston did not have the rep, because I earned it on a toon I gave up on long ago that is still 90. I make an alt and get to 20.

My level 90 should be able to purchase the item and send it to the 20.

So I am not seeing the functionality that is currently available, no longer be available. My level 20 will get the ability to mount on water.

Right now, my level 20 can mount on water since I have the water strider mount. After 8.2, in order to have the same level of functionality, I need to buy multiple items and send them to all of my alts. I get the same functionality but only after an extra step or 40 and some gold.

It may or may not be a big deal, but it’s true that unless I spend time and gold, I lose functionality that I have now.


Or gain functionality you didn’t previously have.

I am on the same page as you now, but for me its a small price to pay to look at any mount other than the strider I guess.

But I see what you mean at least.

It’s also possible every toon will get the free item.

I see the daze equipment being a far better choice for leveling than the water walking. The strider did not even exist until MoP so there is no need for it at low levels.

You are making up numbers and then getting angry about it.