<Blind Pick Heroes> Mal'ganis - Recruiting for Shadowlands

Recruitment Needs

Any Tanks
DPS - DH, Mage, Shaman, Hunter, Rogue
Heals- Shaman, Druid, Paly

Raid Time
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8 - 11 PM EST (5 - 8 PST)

Guild Info
We are a guild full of highly active players, currently breaking until Shadowlands. We consist of family and long time friends, as well as people we have recruited along the way. We are progression minded with expectations from each individual, but laid back enough to not push realm first anything. Our roster so far is made up of hard-core veterans along with casuals. Our plan for Shadowlands is to obtain AOTC each tier and CE soon after.

Guild Member Expectations

  • Most people have lives outside of WoW, so missing raids is not a big deal as long as you give ample notice. However, if you intend to be a part of the Mythic core, you will be expected to make most raids.

  • You must be able to take constructive criticism as we always have progression as our core mindset.

  • We are all long out of high school, so if you are prone to cause drama or easy to offend, this is most likely not the guild for you.

  • Finally, we are all open minded people, so allow you voice to be heard if you have any ideas or issues.

In game:

Discord (preferred):

We are ready to take this guild to the next level and would love for you guys to be along for the ride. Feel free to message me (Hyperize#1511), as well our GM Furiousfistn (EShrektion#11448), if you have any questions.

Still looking for heals and ranged

Post updated!