Blind accessability, new ping system

Hi all

So I recently got to play with the ping system in raid.
Not only did the ping system sound good for clarity and audio positioning but im pretty sure that the audio was improved within the raid as a whole.
I liked that tts read the name of who did the ping, what ping type it was and that if it was attack then it read the name of the target to attack too.

There are a couple of things that i think need to be added before it can be useful for blind and low vision players within raid and dungeons.
The audio positioning of the pings works very well, the issue is that it makes a single sound and thats it, you have to rely on that single sound to orientate, react and correctly get to what you need to do. The other issue is hearing this single sound amongst the sound of the encounter and other player ability’s.

The fixes i would suggest would be such.
Add a volume control for the ping system. Also add, from a accessability user side, the ability to set pings to repeat until the ping is reached, this would be a function that we can set per type of of ping. Doing this from the accessability users side would mean that i could change how i hear pings and it wont change how the rest of the raid or dungeon hear it.

I think with these changes the ping system could be a very powerful accessability tool for blind and low vision players within the game.


While I can’t speak for the accessibility part of this post, having the ping on its own volume control is important. There are many times where I don’t want to play with sound but I would want to hear pings. There are also times where I play with quite low audio but would perhaps want to have pings higher than the rest.


As someone who has synesthesia and is very sensitive to sound, settings like this are important to me. I usually try to keep the sound effects to a minimum in order to notice as few colors as possible. This allows me to concentrate on the important things. I know it’s a rare talent, but it would still be nice.

The possibility to mute sounds is also good to prevent abuse in other scenarios.