Blackbird Brewery is Hiring! (Neutral RP Guild)

Up until the 1st of this year, we were known as Heart of the Raven Tavern & Inn for the past 2 years. You’ve likely seen us about, if you’re at all familiar with the server. If you’re new, welcome! If you don’t recognize us, stop out to Rustberg Village some time!

We are currently hiring staff for our guild, which is neutral so both Horde and Alliance members are open to this! We look for folx who are passionate about keeping the RP community thriving, as we do a lot of open server events both on our own and as an IC catering service for hire! We are alt-friendly and our attendance agreement is very minimal, as we are an 18+ guild and understand that RL always comes first. Being active IS crucial with us, however, to keep our events running smoothly and efficiently. We’ll spare you the “we’re a family” line, but want to get the point across that we’re a tight-knit group of players just wanting to have fun and enjoy the storylines we create. <3

If you’re at all interested, please have a look at our tumblr, which is our main place for all information/applying. You’re welcome to join our discord to just say hi and keep abreast on all upcoming events as well. Looking forward to seeing you in-game soon!



This place is great, come and meet some folks or just come out for a good tavern feel rp. Hope to take your order soon!


I met some of the folks from this guild tonight at the Starlight Soiree, and they were very lovely! They make an old bug feel very welcome, and his thirst for alcohol sated. :smiley: I look forward to checking out their tavern in the future!

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Check these guys out! Very nice and great menu set up, they helped out greatly with our event and I hope you all consider them!


buttbump Boop. (Also thank you immensely, Gotosh and Naz <3)


Get ready for the social mixer neutral open roleplay event they’re hosting later on tonight at 6:30pm server time at Rustberg Village in Tol Barad!

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I hope I can make it to the singles mixer on the 24th of this month at 6:30PM server time in Rustburg Village, Tol Barad! I’ve been meaning to drop by one of these events, but I haven’t had the chance to yet!

Note: We accept alts, so long as you intend to play them/stay active. As we do a lot of server-wise events, we’d love to have you with us in order to keep enriching the server RP!

Maelstrom Nightclub event tomorrow (3/6/2020) at 7PM server time in Rustburg Village, Tol Barad! Check out the guild’s Tumblr for their other planned events for the month of March this year!

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Be sure to check out the World’s Faire Carnival coming up March 16-22! Tons of events every day, with Blackbird Brewery hosting the Underground Rave on Sunday night. All donations go to St Jude so it’s a worthy cause. Come on out, RP & celebrate!

We got some big things in the works! Come and check us out :smiley:

A bump because we are STILL hiring! We’d love to have returning/new players join us! Please consider having a peek at the tumblr link in the OP.