Black Market Hunt for Obsidian Worldbreaker

Long story, don’t laugh at my request just yet (it gets funnier). I need help hunting this because I unfortunately missed out when the Item originally dropped.
Originally, I was playing at the time to obtain Obsidian Worldbreaker, but at the time I was working 2 jobs to make money to pay for bills and meet financial goals and unfortunately, I missed out on the opportunity to obtain said mount.
I have been waiting for a Deathwing-ish mount to drop for a while since Cataclysm and unfortunately due to being a responsible adult, I missed out.
And you all can laugh at this part as I even find it amusing and ridiculous at times too, but missing out on Obsidian Worldbreaker killed my motivation to ever playing WoW again and I haven’t played since 2019.
I would love to get back into this game to get that opportunity to obtain this mount. I do know that it’s rare for it to drop in Blackmarket auction house, but I am determined and do have a fair amount of gold to burn. If someone here wants to point me in the right direction when it’s being sold in your server, could you help me server hop so I could bid for it potentially?

And yes, I know I am being a full-on man-baby about this mount, but I have been playing WoW for a fairly long time and I enjoyed every bit of the struggle learning raiding, dungeon running, auctioning, learning rotations, and guild running with so many people. I remember getting into conversations, working with many fellow gamers (devoted and casual alike) and pushing through many expansion enjoyments and disappointments.
I understand if everyone just wants to laugh at this, I am laughing with you and I think I am a complete moron at times for being so upset over something so little, but there are certain things that keep us coming back to this game and wanting to enjoy it.
You could say this is my “white whale” to gaming in WoW (for anyone who likes literary references).

For anyone who would like to help me, Drop me a PM or if you just wanna mock me (I know I am mocking myself) , This forum is free to dunk on me 100%, I dont mind. We all need a good laugh and take criticism every now and then, right?

All in all, I hope everyone is enjoying WoW right now and if you wanna help out a fellow gamer out, feel free. Peace, Keep on gaming!

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