Bird Boss Academy Bug

Ran a +16 Academy earlier and on the bird boss throwing the orbs through the air hoop wouldn’t give us any count so we were stuck in the fire phase and eventually wiped to screeching stacks because we couldn’t clear them.


i had the same in an +18 where the gate filled but didnt do the mechanic so we wiped on 5 stacks of screech because of it

Just ran it again…and it did the exact same thing…

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For the love of god please fix this, it is bricking so many keys

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Just bricked a 17 because went fire first and the air orbs dont count when thrown, this needs to be fixed asap as its bricking keys.

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I posted about this a week or two ago. We only experienced the issue if we had already wiped to the boss once after only engaging fire phase; it was reproducible 100% of the time on the next pull. Did you guys have a wipe prior to the issue occurring? (Naturally, it should never happen to begin with but these are the circumstances that led us to experience it.)

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We also had the same bug this week on our +15 key.

  • we put in the fire goals first
  • when the next set of screeching stacks build up, we are unable to register count for the balls we throw into the wind goals
  • we eventually wipe to too many stacks of the debuff.

We just had this happen. Wiped once and then the wind goals would never count.

Daily Bird Boss bump…but this time in an exciting turn of events we have yet another bug with this boss where…we remain in combat after killing all of the little peckers to spawn the big pecker, yes puns intended, and the boss never spawns because of it!!! We can’t jump off and suicide to leave combat so we had to hearth out and fly back. +17 down the drain.

You’re killing it Blizz by focusing on hotfix buffing the bird boss instead of fixing the bugs associated with it!!!

Birds won’t aggro in AA.

i dont know what kind of point you’re trying to make but coolbeans…

Running an 18 right now and it’s bugged out…once again…it isnt counting the wind hoops

Same thing has happened to my group on 2 different runs this week.

Just had this happen in our 18 - couldn’t clear stacks. Died. Finally got it down after and hour and respec’s, and having to kite the boss using immunes. It was rough.

Same thing with me on a 17+ key. Blizz need to fix that.

Well look at that…it still hasn’t been fixed…but that’s okay we’ve got the next patch coming here in a little bit.

Dear blizzard please fix this… My plus 16 keystone just got tanked again becuse the bird boss did not spawn in… 3rd time in past month

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a month later and check it out…they still havent fixed the bugs associated with this boss…rip +20 key…

March 19th, bumping this same issue. Bricked a 19 key because we couldn’t even get the boss to spawn. Someone’s extra action bar wouldn’t display the ball and using macros to use the action bar button etc. wouldn’t trigger it either… Need to fix this soon please.