BigWigs /say announce

I can’t seem to get bigwigs to announce casts in /say when I’m the one it’s being casted on. For example in Necrotic Wake Rotspew casts Spew Disease but it doesn’t announce that it’s on me nor does the countdown in /say. Where I see other players have it announce it.

What setting am I missing in bigwigs that’s doing this? Any help is appreciated.

First off, you need LittleWigs for dungeons.
Then it’s /bw > Dungeon Bosses > Shadowlands > Necrotic Wake > Trash > Spew Disease > Say

I’m not seeing a global setting for disabling Say messages but there might be one I’m missing.

Thanks for the reply I’ll take a look! Do you also know by chance if for the messages/alerts that appear in the top of your screen when a mechanic is happening, do you know if there’s an option to display like the spell then who it’s being casted on like “rotspew:Doohzy” rather than just saying “rotspew” at the top of my screen with a beep.

I’m not sure if this is on by default and I haven’t noticed or if this is a setting.

I don’t believe you can tweak that outside of Lua