Big Blood Elf Customization Thread

they were fantastic demons and devoted servants of the legion, who attacked quelthalas and wanted to destroy azeroth.
In quelthalas nowadays there are no more Fel crystals, they were all replaced by mana crystals. I think a lot of people want to play the evil faction. but blood elves are not evil. They are not evil demons and they are not cannibal zombies.

I hope they give us personalization that respects our lore and our aesthetics

I think it is fair to say Blood Elves should get the customizations they want for a fair trade off. It’s not like it’s going to hurt the community, rather it’d do better and make it healthier if devs actually give more options to the folks who want specific customizations and everyone shows the support for it.

The more people try to prevent certain things isn’t going to help moving forward at this point, whether its lore or not. People play the game for enjoyment more than anything.


The difference is the people here have had almost their whole race taken and given to Alliance on Void Elves, Void Elves have had what one facial hair option taken, OMFG lets all freak out because one thing was taken and shared from Void Elves to Blood Elves. :joy: :joy: :joy:

The fact you are trying to make it into something it’s not makes you a liar straight up.


The only person I see freaking out is you starting this chain of discussion over a small reply to a meme photo.

Same reply as above.


Because you are trying to lie which is funny given it’s you and it’s not hard for anyone to see. :joy: :joy: :joy:

Great we are on the same page that you are a liar Muir. Thanks for that.


Truth! :100:

It’s best to focus on reiterating what people want added and not what they don’t want to see because that’s obviously not the direction Blizzard is going in.

Case in point. Look at the Nightborne preview

We see that they’re receiving ‘Arcane Tattoos’, thus we know Blizzard can do em. Thus continue asking for it on Blood Elves and whenever Blizzard gets around to BE again I am highly sure it’ll get added to the list :blush:


Where’s the lie about BE males receiving VE facial hair? But oh there’s no lie on ‘VEs receive all BE customization’ ?

Naughtymoon thinks me a liar, how will I ever recover? :scream:



One thing isn’t the same as what Void Elves have taken from Blood Elves, I said that in my original reply.

Actually you kind of owned it, which is nice, I like when we are in unison about how awful you pro people actually are.


I’d not mind this. But this should come with Lorthemar openly apologizing for kicking the Void Elves out (or saying he was wrong), as the only reason the Blood Elves have no Void Elf stuff is thanks to him (Well, thanks to the Developers making him say that).

Could come with cool character development, as finding out the Void was always beneath the Sunwell and Alleria merely exposed it without knowing.


The way you interpret things is hilarious. If we’re talking about likes, I like that VEs are getting what’s been asked for. Too-da-loo :wave: :smirk:


Yeah please leave and don’t let the door hit you on your way out, go back to your echo chamber threads.


I’ll post whenever and wherever I feel like tyvm :call_me_hand:


I’ll be sure to quote you on this the next time you or one of your little friends tries to chase someone else out of one of your echo threads because the irony. :joy: :joy: :joy:


Nah, just hairstyles.

More than happy to pass em along.

And… I don’t honestly think Lor’themar was wrong.

I mean… We are evidently a danger to the Sunwell. Not only that Umbric and his people had no interest in the Horde.


It may be time to move on from Blood Elf and instead replace them with another Troll race. Blood Elf just doesn’t fit in with the Horde.

I can get behind this, especially if they don’t clip. We don’t have many long styles that look good in all armors, I’ve kind of defaulted to the “simple” cut simply because there is zero clipping in it. That and a lot of the longer styles don’t suit me that well, so more would be welcome even if they’re only on par with the clipping.


SCUZEME!? They do too fit in the Horde!


Truly love your name.

I am still waiting for Revantusk with thick bodies being added to the Horde as an AR.


Yes! Ironically I was questing in ghostlands in tbc classic and the was thinking the Zul’aman trolls with the thicc bodies would be a wonderful addition to the Horde


The Amani tend to dislike the Horde, but the Revantusk are already a part of it. Plus in theory the Revantusk control jintha’alor these days. They’d be wonderful in the Horde.

They’re also not unhappy about the blood elves and a blood elf was among the Horde forces that helped them to take Jintha’alor.


Your knowledge of Trolls seems vast I love it. On the real they could totally add Raventusk as another troll sub race. Could add some neat quest lines to unlock them. Im starting to derail this thread though so you guys should get back to your blood elf talk haha.