Big Blood Elf Customization Thread


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There are a lot of bad voices in the forums, so I see it as their attempt to filter things.

Obviously it didn’t go over perfectly, but things rarely do.

I really wish they’d give it a second look though.


It’s definitely to be expected that the community council use the platform to express their thoughts and wishes, but when it becomes clear that people use it to push agendas it becomes an issue, for me.

Like this post I’m linking. Complaining that Blizzard is giving Worgen-skeleton to Horde (It’s not Worgen skeleton, but still, for the sake of arguement …) while posting from a Void Elf just seems like actual trolling, or some malicious agenda.


I find it just doesn’t feel like anyone chosen, whose posting, represents me and mine. Heck it feels like some of them actively strive against my views out of spite.

Feels like I have no voice and I might as well give up trying.

I’m hoping some randomly selected people get on there that share my views and would do them justice despite the energy and time I’ve put in myself or with the help of communities involved.

Feels like the forums are useless unless you’re on the council. Bah. I’m venting now and that’s never useful.


Isn’t that the CC member that had yikes takes on the Kalimdor book etc

They seem pretty anti horde and anti BE


People have been asking for many class combos. But I only listed ones that have actual lore to back them up. And whether you like it or not, void elf Paladins do face the lore, and I even included reference to the npcs that are very clearly Paladins in Telogrus Rift.

I also didn’t include gnomes, because like blood elf, their missing classes don’t fit them. But I don’t see you calling me a gnome hater, now do I?


It doesn’t matter if you don’t like it. You were given it. I don’t even like the worgen skeleton, it’s one of my least favorite in the game. But the fact remains with dracthyr they’re giving a core races skeketon to the opposite faction without giving one in return. In fact, they’re giving TWO as you’re will also get the human Skeleton.

These responses are making me very tempted to remove the sanlayn and other options I have suggested for the customization post that’s being worked on.


If you think Light worshipping Elves are the ones interested in the void that is what lacks any backing in the lore.


Why in the world did they let a heifer in the CC


There are npcs called Riftblades in Telogrus Rift. They have mana and either wield a sword and shield or a 2h sword.

Please, point to me which class that fits. I’ll wait.

On top of that, if you actually read the post you’re attacking, you’d see that like Tauren and Zandalari, I suggest having void elves and forsaken world the void, not the light.


The fact you’re calling me a Helfer shows you know literally nothing about me.


Please point to where and how that is now Paladin LOL


Conveniently ignoring the other part of that paragraph, I see.


You say you aren’t but you have the same rhetoric and agendas


Nightborne look noticeably different than Night Elves, despite using the same skeleton, and Dracthyr look absolutely nothing like Worgen. Meanwhile Void Elves… well, look at the character I’m posting on.

Spite is never a good answer.

Feels like a bit of a stretch. Sure, if they go the class skin route, I can sorta see Paladin representing Riftblade. But only if. And other classes would have to get skins that go wildly outside their theme as well.

I dunno. I’m a helfer and you come across like a helfer to me.


I have been pushing for more void customization, and always will.

The only reason I have a regular skin tone is because I don’t want to be a blueberry that looks like they’re about to throw up in an anime 24/7.

Whoever designed the void elf skin tones did a terrible job and left out greys and blacks which annoys me immensely.

And like it or not, as I said above, the Riftblades in the Rift imply there are Paladins in the void elf ranks.

I also note that you guys seem perfectly okay with my suggestion of forsaken paladin, despite the fact that’s more contradictory than Void elf.


The only Riftblade who is even capable of engaging in any sort of combat in-game is Riftblade Kelain, and he uses Warrior skills.


I don’t think Void paladins make sense either, and I would wager most of the people asking for them under a class skin like that want to do so in the effort they can then petition to turn the class skin off via a glyph or other such form to “let them be regular HE paladins too”


They have no skills applied to them internally (that I know of) and the Horde can’t go to Telogrus, nor are there enemies there, so they can’t engage in combat.

Kelain engages in combat and uses Warrior skills. Seems like a stronger case than random npcs with mana bars who aren’t capable of combat.


Its actually so telling if you think light wielding elves are joining the ranks of Void Elves.

Thankfully the actual playable High Elf race that I chose and play on has the class.