BGs, Epic BGs, Arena Spec Question(s)

Good afternoon Mage Community!

I have a few questions around PvP, and I am not sure where to find the information I am looking for so hoping you all could share some thoughts and information.

I am trying to figure out which specs provide the most team benefits in specific BG scenarios.

Currently I have been doing some Epic BGs, and BGBs.

With that said, I have been playing Fire on my mage for the last while when entering Epics with the buff to living bomb as I get that amazing AoE damage spread.

Even in BGBs I have been using Fire as well, but with the fights ranging from team fights to 1v1s, 1v2s, 2v3s ect… I am wondering if Frost or Arcane may play better into these types of contents since there is less packing together of enemies.

For some additional details, I have only ever played Frost and Fire mages, Arcane is a bit too intimidating for me, and memorizing the spell combinations seems like something that I would probably struggle with for a while, but I am not opposed to if I can help my team more.

Trying to find that “helpful” way to play with my team and support them and not just shoot for those big damage numbers (although I do enjoy those :joy: ).

Thanks in advance for any thoughts and opinions!