Bgs are unplayable for ally unless you premade

No as an Ally I got matched into several Alliance premades. Its easy when the ally premades all que at the same time. As an ally pug the only time you ever face another alliance team is against a premade.

And this right here is your problem.

You even remotely smell a loss and you bounce.

Seems like a “you” issue more than your chosen faction.

I’m not sure what sympathy you hope to find here …

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No I used to play the matches out but at some point its become pointless. I don’t think you understand my situation at all these are matches we cannot win.

Interesting… The thing they added this weekend isn’t supposed to be allowing any alliance vs alliance match ups… It should be always trying to match alliance vs horde, and then if horde queues are too lengthy, it uses the spillover horde to fight other horde… Wasn’t aware the system was bugged and matching alliance v alliance as well.

Uhh …

I mean you could have read a few lines further down

Logic would dictate that there shouldn’t be any instances where there aren’t enough horde for alliance to get matched against… Else we wouldn’t have had a problem with horde queues to begin with.

I won many games last night as Ally.

It’s pretty self explanatory in the part you just quoted. Not sure how it’s hard to understand?

No where does it say Alliance explicitly will not be paired against Alliance.

Makes you wonder on the validity of all the mock outrage if there are cases of Alliance vs Alliance, no?

Space reserved for You have no power here! meme

It’s most likely bugged and Just taking the first two teams regardless of faction.

Long queues is a player made problem also fyi.


There we go.

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Yes, horde ALSO play against horde premades, too…

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I pvp daily, and I disagree.

People that call games over before they start, sit semi-afk after first death, or /afk at the first sign of difficulty are way worse for my gaming experience than getting stomped by a premade.

I’ve been in hundreds of BGs where people with similar reasoning and attitudes to you just throw the game because it isn’t an instant win. Just stop queueing without a team if you’re gonna troll/throw.


I don’t afk after the first death. Its more like when horde are winning 1000 to 200 with 3 towers. So like 78% of games.

Man, I’ve had so many rewarding comebacks in games like that after people like you dip out.

It’s kind of a shame that you can’t just enjoy the game without needing it to be easy lol.

Maybe if you complain enough on the forums blizzard will give you an option to only queue against people who have been 70 for less than 100 hours.


Lmao “needing it to be easy” a much more accurate description would be “fighting an uphill battle while you 1v3 and play with afkers”.

I don’t play this game for it to “be easy” that’s why I play arenas. Individual skill in BGs is irrevelant.

So you /AFK because there are afkers, but you’re not the problem, afkers and pre-mades are the problem. Lol. Holier AFK than thou

Individual skill in battlegrounds absolutely does matter. I’ve been in plenty of them where one or two individuals have turned the tide in our favor. Similar to how one or two people that give up as soon as it’s hard or they see that they’re against a pre-made can throw a match. It’s like the opposite of skill, now that I’m thinking about it.

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I /afk I dont literally afk in the bg and take up a player slot do you not see the difference?

1 in a million.

One in a million might be your personal experience, but I’ve been in thousands of battlegrounds and it’s happened hundreds of times.

Probably if you always blame outside things for every difficulty and then use that as an excuse to not try anymore you won’t see these types of patterns, so I understand where this isn’t clicking for you.

Maybe try queuing up with your arena team. I’m sure the two or three of you can manage to turn the tide of a WSG if you’re as skilled as you think you are. (:

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I dont need any pvp gear on my main. Im trying to gear my alt. Also I never said I was super skilled. You are the one to think that someone can be skilled enough to turn the tide of a game with 8 other players.