Bgs are unplayable for ally unless you premade

Ive tried several bgs since Friday at least 15+ I can barely play the game even the pug vs pug games ally still have a low winrate. The games are not even worth playing I can barely gear my alt. About halfway through most games, I decide to leave because its a pointless demoralizing experience.

Why don’t you just premade? Well I play on Ally Herod A dying server that will barely have any Ally left in 2 weeks there isnt a ready amount of players who are willing to scrap together a premade.

But hey! Guess this is a Horde-only change with no impact on Ally whatsoever.


If you cant win pug vs pug, that is completely a player made problem and just means you confirmed what we already known. Your faction sucks at pvp and you cant blame racials as the scapegoat for your lack of skill or dedication.


It has nothing to do with “sucking at pvp” its a mentality issue. Alliance players have been losing for so long they don’t even want to try anymore I cant them blame.

When people talk about racials they talk about arenas btw no one cares about racials in bgs. Horde racials are better therefore they attract more sweaty players who will roll racials for arena superiorty inturn sweatier players player more, tryhard and have more practice making bgs more difficult or Ally.


The mentality issue can be summed up as sucking at pvp. You just reworded what i said

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Guess you didnt read anything I said but thats ok.


Scumade abusers will defend their scumading.
I wonder why they insta give up against better scumades, nothing to do with free honor against uncoordinated pugs nope.



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Reroll alliance! We need you hahaha

Yep exact reason I’m quitting, impossible to enjoy BGs on Ally (the reason I play) and no option to faction change? I know many of the players on WoW literally do not have a life and can start fresh characters on new servers, but this would take me MONTHS to reroll. There’s a reason FFXIV servers are at capacity right now, all the Horde players who are blind to the issues this is causing because “we get faster queues and not punished for being sweaty nolife losers who could switch factions on a whim” will suffer the consequences later down the road when TBC PvP becomes just a Horde vs Horde endeaver, faction identity ceases to exsisit, and Alliance on PvP servers become non-exsistent (especially when they put in faction change, literally just a matter of time becuase more $ in blizz pockets.)

Dumb move to not put the faction change out in conjunction with this BG change as they are losing a number of subscribers right now.


Premades stomping pugs has always been an issue regardless of what faction you play on. They should add some sort of matchmaking so premades are queued up against other premades. This should have been added back in 60 classic imo. Ive heard Vanilla TBC had such a system but, been too long for me to remember.

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If you’re leaving halfway through games you don’t really have a lot of room to complain imho. You might as well not even queue, since you won’t get a mark or bonus honor by /afking.

PVP might not be for you, or you may want to reroll on a living server/faction.


shut up man shut up

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I play lots of arenas I just dont want to play BGS to get stomped while my team afks/doesnt try.

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This isn’t just an alliance problem… In fact, it’s actually slightly WORSE for Horde, as they’re the only ones currently capable of getting matched into BOTH Alliance and Horde premades.

That out of the way, I agree premades are a pretty large problem and pretty miserable to get matched against when pugging. It’s a waste of the pugs’ time in nearly every case, and stomping the hell out of people who can barely fight back is boring for those in the actual premade.

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No as an Ally I got matched into several Alliance premades. Its easy when the ally premades all que at the same time. As an ally pug the only time you ever face another alliance team is against a premade.

And this right here is your problem.

You even remotely smell a loss and you bounce.

Seems like a “you” issue more than your chosen faction.

I’m not sure what sympathy you hope to find here …

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No I used to play the matches out but at some point its become pointless. I don’t think you understand my situation at all these are matches we cannot win.

Interesting… The thing they added this weekend isn’t supposed to be allowing any alliance vs alliance match ups… It should be always trying to match alliance vs horde, and then if horde queues are too lengthy, it uses the spillover horde to fight other horde… Wasn’t aware the system was bugged and matching alliance v alliance as well.

Uhh …

I mean you could have read a few lines further down

Logic would dictate that there shouldn’t be any instances where there aren’t enough horde for alliance to get matched against… Else we wouldn’t have had a problem with horde queues to begin with.