BG and overall damage / damage taken

Still fun but I noticed after getting some base PVP gear on my hunter that you can still die so fast. I mean I was dead in few seconds to one sub rogue with sepsis. I guess it’s not as bad for my lock, or other toons who have some passive mitigation.

I guess it’s just not as much fun as when you have a bit of time to react, outplay, trade, go back and forth and then win or lose.

Just wish they would tone it down a bit so it would just make it more fun.


Nobody has fun against rogues. The class is literally designed to make sure you don’t enjoy your time in this game

Hunters are super squishy but can destroy people from like 60 yards so you just have to use range to your advantage.

Yeah I only play survival and have for a while, just seems extra squishy so far though I am not fully geared at all.

Anyway, will have to practice :slight_smile:

Survival is great in the right hands but is tough to get good at. Has a higher skill cap than the other two specs.

the rogue uses an add on that tracks your trinket cooldown.
there was nothing you could do.

Agree. I like good design for back and forth counterplay, but for some reason blizz wants everything to happen so fast. Unfortunately i think the less casual players also want that because they favor a gank/high burst playstyle.

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