BFA: Unlocking Vendors/Pets


Update: As of Patch 8.1, players can unlock a vendor that will sell opposing factions’ BFA pets.

Obtain A Shady Message to begin a follower mission that unlocks the vendor Olly (H) or Dodger (A).

Currently, the only known way to obtain this item is from PVP Pet Battle wins (queued).

Certain vendor restrictions apply. These new vendors will not sell pets that are gated or locked by reputation, and the Horde vendor will not sell Bumbles, which requires an Alliance-only achievement.

Many BFA vendor pets have prerequisites before they show up on the listed vendor. Some vendors also require extra steps to have them appear. Here’s a consolidated list of those Battle For Azeroth vendors and vendor pets.


Nigel Rifthold (A & H)
Note: You do not have to do the quest chain to “save” Nigel before completing the process below.

  • Head to Anyport (western coast of Drustvar)
  • Buy 10 Tirasreli Gourmet Chocolate from Xun Xun Sweetflower
  • Travel to 52,31 in Drustvar (west of Fallhaven, just above the “F” in the name)
  • Climb up a hill and enter a tree house
  • Loot the chest that’s inside if you haven’t already
  • Click on the chest a second time (consumes the chocolates), Nigel will appear and be a vendor.

Shoak (H & A)

  • Horde - Complete quests: “Killing Cannibals”, “Just Say No to Cannibalism” and “Shoak’s on the Menu” to get this NPC to appear in Gloom Hollow, Nazmir.
  • Alliance - Head to 55,36 and find Kajosh. Complete the quest chain. Shoak will appear in the Horde camp, Gloom Hallow (Alliance can interact with him, but you’ll agro the camp).
  • Alternatively, Alliance can purchase the same pets (once unlocked) from Blind Wunja.

Jenoh (H)

  • Complete the quest chain that starts with “A Lost Flute


Ranishu Runt - sold by Jenoh (H)
Complete Jenoh’s quest chain, plus “Charging the Batteries”, and “Ranishu Are Resources

Accursed Hexxer - sold by Shoak (H) OR Blind Wunja (A & H)
Complete the quest “An Ancient Curse

Swamp Toad - sold by Shoak (H)
Complete the “Torga’s Eternal Return” storyline, which then opens the quest chain that begins with “To Gloom Hollow

Lil’ Tika - sold by Happy Holaua (H)
Complete the quest “Lil’ Tika

Lil’ Ben’fon - sold by Happy Holaua (H)
Complete Cala Cruzpot’s quest chain

Child of Jani - sold by Happy Holaua (H & A)
Earn the “Get Hek’d” achievement

Mechanical Prairie Dog - sold by Dana Pull (A)
Complete the quest chain that starts with “An Explosive Opportunity

Greatwing Macaw - sold by Dana Pull (A)
Complete the quest “Rodrigo’s Revenge

Smoochums - sold by Nigel Rifthold (A & H)
Complete Abby Lewis’ quest chain

Frenzied Cottontail - sold by Nigel Rifthold (A & H)
Kill the Cottontail Matron rare elite

Drustvar Piglet - sold by Nigel Rifthold (A)
Complete the quests at Carver’s Harbor, Drustvar, ending with “Cured Ham

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Keep in mind these are just the vendors with pre-requisites. There’s other vendors that automatically are unlocked. (And a few of THOSE vendors have pets that only unlock after doing specific questlines, which Quin also listed)

Also, it’s MUCH easier for Alliance to buy pets from Blind Wunja than Shoak. She has the same pets for Alliance once you unlock them. Shoak is inside of a Horde city and you will die if you try to buy from him as Alliance, so just buy from Blind Wunja. Shoak is better to buy from as Horde, as he also has a Horde-only pet that’s unlocked via a questline.

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Thanks for this. Have been collecting the pets for years but just starting to get into battles. I bookmarked this because it will help.


Do you have any recommendation of which battle pet to buy with polished charms on the various vendors you have listed? Like if you just spend your first chunk of charms on a pet, but WISHED you bought a different pet instead, what would it be?

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Updated OP with Wowhead links to quests, NPCs, etc.

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link here

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Updated OP to include a note about the unlocking a new vendor in Patch 8.1, sells opposite factions’ BFA pets.


I have completed the quest line as far as I know. I have gotten the completion for it in the Tiresgarde Sound area, and I can’t find the quest. Somehow I’m still not seeing the mechanical prairie dog in the vendor, am I doing something wrong?