BFA undead storyline quests?

Hey everyone,

I remember there being some kind of event in BFA where there was something to do with the forsaken (favorite Horde race and my original race in wow) but it seemed like some kind of limited time event where the forsaken broke off into like a 3rd faction or something like that?

Maybe its just FOMO or I’m not remembering correctly but I was playing alliance human at the time because most of my friends were alliance but I’ve always been kinda bummed that during that time I didn’t think to just level up an undead alt and experience all that stuff.

Was wondering if anyone had any clue what I’m referring too or if any of those questlines during BFA are still in the game? Or did they get removed? I always just looked back and though “Crap I missed it, oh well” but my friend made a great point that the questline might still be in the game, he said “why would they remove it?” but I could have sworn it was some kind of “big deal” “Limited event” during BFA where you could chose to be loyal or not or something like that, I remember WoWhead having a whole banner for it, I remember checking out the banner but wondering why I didn’t think to myself “This looks cool, let me go hop on an undead alt” or something like that.

Anyways, does anyone know if this is still in the game or still in BFA? I know I’m probably trying to grasp something old and outdated here… I probably missed even more crazy stuff in Shadowlands regarding Sylvanus and the forsaken while I was just busy PVP’ing during shadowlands… wish there was some easy way to go back and watch all the old lore during these expansions, but as for this questline I feel like I haven’t found much except for some people saying you got a different outcome when you do the new Forsaken Heritage armor quest (which I plan to do).

EDIT: Found this Sylvanas Loyalist Quest Line Gone? - #44 by Wîccan-wyrmrest-accord

Not even sure who I would have sided with but I at least wanted to just experience the quest… or maybe even just watch a video on someone else experiencing the quest idk… seems like I can’t find anything on it.

I’ve found videos for the new 10.0 stuff, which gives me some closure but it would be cool to find a video of the original “undead loyalist” questline in BFA. Would be even cooler if I could just actually do the dang quest.

EDIT: Just rewatched a bunch of the cutscenes for BFA… Specifically the Battle for Azeroth: Varok Saurfang’s Mak’gora… I remember now… they turned her into a total b!tch :frowning:

This reddit post also helped me get a grip

Man feels bad man, I just remembered everything that going on during the story at that time, they really wanted to make us hate her

EDIT: I was able to find some great videos on youtube that filled me in on alot of the story of Shadowlands and BFA stuff that I had either forgotten or missed… I recommend anyone check out people like Athelarius or other Lore videos on youtube that mash cutscenes together if you feel like your having FOMO on anything in wow you might have missed

After a ride through some of the old undead zones on my undead classic main with corrupted Ashbringer on my back, I was able to make some peace… looking forward to doing the forsaken heritage armor quest.

If you want the peak Forsaken experience, then create a new undead and level him from Silverpine to Andorhal.


I played through on different characters as both loyalist and non-loyalist. IIRC there weren’t a lot of differences overall aside from some unique quest text and NPC dialogue, but perhaps someone with a better memory can fill me in if I’m missing anything there since I did it over the entirety of BfA in chunks so my memory is a bit hazy.

There was also a little piece of extra Sylvanas content in the Forsaken heritage chain if you complete it on a Forsaken loyalist character, I think they also added Dori’thur as a hidden NPC in Orgrimmar for non-Forsaken loyalists to convey the same or a similar message. (You can find examples on Youtube if you’re curious!)

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@Erevien Oh yeah, I remember Tirisfal Glades to Silverpine to Hillsbrad to Arathi Highlands very vividly back when I first started WoW in late Lich King/ Early Cata… so many different versions of the the game now… which one were you referring too? Currently try to stick to Lich King/Cata Classic and Retail. It honestly stresses me out when I think about how many different versions of WoW have existed throughout the years and how each version was a little different and had different things going on. I remember back in Vanilla Classic, you couldn’t start doing Plague lands until like 55-60… same as Lich king classic right now, now even cata is going to change alot of stuff on the 30th, man I got so much FOMO its not even funny.

@Nithae Thanks, I will definitely try to poke around on YouTube and find more in-game examples of all this.

I think I VAGUELY remember what was going through my head at that time (BFA). I think I was upset because I REALLY didn’t like the direction they were going with her character (Sylvanas). It’s almost like I knew they were setting her up to be the next villain and I didn’t like that since she was one of my favorite characters growing up playing undead. (I was really into the undead theme, For the dark lady, Dark lady watch over you etc etc, played an undead warrior most or at least half of my wow time(all other time was spent as warriors of different races(mainly human), but undead was always top dog), always though the executioners and deathguards were a SUPER COOL theme)

I remember the cutscene of her ordering to burn down the world tree vividly and I was like “yeah that’s not a good look on/for her” (normally her character seemed indifferent and only really cared about the forsaken and their interests (preserving the forsaken, destroying the lich king, not being looked at as a monster, being free etc etc), I liked that version of her, or maybe I’ve not remembering correctly… it was a long time ago…)

I think I REMEMBER now. I was UPSET. I think I didn’t like the questline because it was forcing me to choose, and I didn’t like the fact that they were turning her into a villain… (I think after that I lost interest in her character and I started to kind of mentally check out of her storyline especially during BFA and Shadowlands… though I do think it’s kind of cool that they are trying to put her on this redemption path)

I MAYBE did the questline on an alt undead DK during BFA, I remember something about meeting on a spire or something like that… maybe Windrunner’s spire? It’s all so hazy and such a long time ago… was in college I think but honestly just doesn’t feel the same doing it on a DK, I was so deep into the undead RP that I hated DK’s with a passion as an undead warrior for serving the LK and stuff like that… that and also DKs always literally demolished me in PvP during those early years of cata

I think I’m going to try to take the advice of Erevien and find my closure then do the undead heritage armor quest, the reality is that there is just so much in the WoW Universe (especially with different patches/expacs/versions) that it would be impossible to try to experience all of it now or further down the road(just too many versions of the game that exist/have existed).

I guess you really just need to talk through things to find your memory sometimes…

Anyways I REALLY appreciate you guys and any other information/ideas/feedback anyone has to offer ESPECIALLY since LK is going away in about ten days (still pumped for cata) but if there is any cool undead content I’m going to miss(like the stuff I missed in BFA that I might regret), now is the time to experience it.

So far I’ve leveled/mained as a Undead warrior in late LK/early cata (retail) when I was young all the way to BFA (after that I think on and off as a human until end of SL… after SL I started to split time into a bunch of different/new races of alts (warriors and other classes… also played alot of undead warrior during Classic Vanilla (had to get corrupted ashbringer, was on my bucket list) all the way into the current Classic patch LK(undead warrior main still in classic LK, wanted to try take it all the way through til cata at least even though I’ve been very on and off since TBC Classic).

Will definitely be playing him through cata and maybe even make some other undead toons on other servers since alot of servers are inbalanced/I’m worried they might die… been enjoying leveling and playing casually more than hardcore endgame content lately.

This character I posted from is actually my old original very first character I created all those years back then even though he’s spent time as both Undead and Human, seen different servers, etc etc… guess he is still “technically” the same race since undead is just a dead human :P… seriously considering changing him back to undead and putting him on the trophy shelf…