BFA not showing up in Chromie Time

I believe there is a serious issue in trying to start an alt toon level 10-50 and get them started in the BFA expansion. Apparently Exhiles reach lets a newly made toon that has reached level 10 go straight to BFA no problems. However Alliance toons who have not did the new leveling experience zone are out of luck. Also I’d like to say that apparently the Horde side for this is working. I can only assume that having Turylon on the throne is not intended right now and with Anduin missing the quest chain to get to BFA is hosed… can we get a fix please… or at the very least just put the BFA expansion on the chromie list so that we can select and let us start BFA that way!

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It’s been awkward in terms of RP to determine where we are in the story, since the invasion and rescue quests aren’t live yet. For now, just assuming he’s Anduin in a Turalyon Hallow’s End costume. Why a ~20-year-old (ish?) is dressed up as a famous Lordaeron guy whose fame peaked 20 years ago, “died”, then he reappeared via spaceship with glowy armor and speaks in Draenei greetings is beyond me, but hey.

As for leveling, I was planning on hitting up Wrath because it’s been a long time and I love that expansion, second place being MoP. But I’ll check out Alliance side BfA on a throwaway toon and see what’s broken.

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A few days ago I thought the choice was to do the capital city tour and not have Chromie available or skip it and have Battle available. But yesterday the quest that I thought led to Battle for new characters was gone from the map. To test this I ran a character through Exile’s reach, one that got level 10 from its race, and one that did the old starting content to Stormwind - each at level 10. All were offered a Pandaria quest in the Keep and all saw several other expansions on the Hero’s Board. None could get the starter quest for Battle.