BFA mount collection

I’ve picked up a few things.

Three toads, umpteen horses, 4 pterodactyls, 3 or 4 new racial mounts, 3 gryphons, a mecha-parrot, a mecha-spider, a mecha-tiger, 2 hyenas, a bear, a donkey, a mule, 2 krollusks, a chimera, 2 nightsabers, a bat, a gargoyle-y bat-thing, a hippogryph, 3 raptors, a manta ray, a seahorse, a hovercraft with a big face on it, and two flying spider-y things that I try not to look at much because they creep me out.


I started BFA with 350+ unique usable on one character mounts. Collecting mounts is one of the things I’ve loved doing in WoW for years.

Now that half the new mounts are flagrantly “pay2win” and the other half are “the sun might burn out before RNG gives it to you” low drop rates… I’ve just gotten too frustrated to bother.

I got the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur, Kua’fon and some of the cheaper rep/zone-random-drops… and have basically decided not to bother with any other mounts. Islands have been particularly unrewarding. Same with dungeons. And raids? Pfff… all my friends quit playing partway through BoD, so that’s a dead end.

tl;dr: my luck collecting mounts this expansion has been so close to zero that I gave up even making the attempt months ago.

6/9 island mounts (missing undead horse, twilight drake, yeti)

Just finished Mecha-Done today (finally!)

I’ll have the crab in 2 weeks

Got rustfeather and harvester. Still chasing Soundless.

Guild should finish EP meta this or next week.

Almost no luck on dungeon/raid mounts. Just have the parrot.

Other than those, I think I have the rest. Just need 1 more mount to hit the 500 mark.

All of Arathi Warfront Mounts
All of Darkshore Warfront Mounts (except Lost Kodo)
0 IE (don’t do them)
Only the quest/crafteable ones from Mechagon
Only reputation ones and the two sea horses from Nazjatar
0 Raid/Mythic Dungeon (I try not to do instanced content)

Not sure it is so abysmal. I have both the Island Thunderwing and the Yeti. Have had better luck than old raids with islands, especially because I can spam these unlike the latter

The Warfront zone mounts have treated me the best. I’m not doing great overall but it has been enough to push me past 400 total, so that was cool.


Mostly buying timewalking mounts from tokens. Did get some allied race mounts.

Sounds like you got extremely lucky. There’s threads of people who have done thousands of IEs with no sign of a mount.


How is that different than thousands of runs of ICC or such and not getting the mounts? I am not trolling you, i am legit asking how is it worse when its the same result of tons of runs for something…

1 islands mount and rustfeather, I havent tried a lot of BfA mythics.

I mean there’s what, six or seven IE mounts? For a completionist, running four thousand islands and never seeing a single one is a pretty crushing disappointment. They shouldn’t be that rare.

But that’s not really the point of this thread so I’ll leave it at that.


I’ve tried around 400 times between my chars. Started in Wrath. I’m dead now.

There are nine :cry:

I was able to hit 400 about 3 weeks ago. I don’t know that I’d credit it to BfA, really. MOST of the mounts from BfA were all vendor mounts. There’s no sense of accomplishment in that.

I got every pet/toy/mount from Arathi AND Darkshore (thanks for an army of Alts), so there’s that.

But there is SUCH a massive pile of things to be had from Island Expeditions, and I can’t stand to run more than 3 a month. It’s just such TERRIBLE content, and the ridiculously low drop-rates don’t encourage even bothering to try. If it was ONE mount, or pet? Maybe.

But it’s like SIXTY. Sorry, I’m nothing short of insulted that Blizzard would suggest such a thing.


They could do two possible things to fix this:

  1. Add everything onto a vendor for dubloons.
  2. Set it so you’re guaranteed at least one actual reward from each island.

When they mentioned adding items to a vendor, this is what I thought they were going to do.

I would be fine with this as a solution. Anything that allows us to set a goal and work toward it. That feels good.

RNG never feels good.


I have exactly one mount from BFA and it’s the Chimera from Darkshore. Unless we count AR mounts, but eh. I’m not wasting gold on reputation mounts that are pure recolors.

I got both underrrott mount and midmight the same week of my birthday last august. :partying_face: the mounts that wanted the most :slight_smile: .


I hit the 400 mark about a week ago. Ironically Voidtalon was my 400th mount. I decided to take a little trip around WoD after killing Rustfeather while I waited for the next Rustfeather spawn time and found his portal.

In terms of BFA mounts I have two Island Expedition mounts (Moose and Thunderscale). I got both of those within 10 IEs of each other. I camped up the Frightened Kodo while making my final push for 400 (He was 399). Just maxed my first ally toon so Im working on the “Two sides of every tale” achievement. I only got 3 Warfront mounts to obtain and now have a total of 9 120 toons to farm them so they should come soon.

I guess I am missing how it is any different running thousands of islands and not getting a mount, and running thousands of old raids and not getting the mounts. ~1% is low no matter what. It feels like it is a different crowd that is trying to get island mounts than those getting others, because honestly none of mount farmers I know, myself included, feel like the islands should be any higher than other content, since at least you can farm ad infinitum for the islands one. Ive run thousands of VP runs and still can’t get my Altarius mount…but I am not here saying nerf the drop to make it easier. That sort of…well removes things to do. If the mounts were easier to get, at this point what else is there to do but log in, weekly raid or whatever, and wait for new mounts.