BfA Experience Changed


Don’t really have much to add that hasn’t already been said, for me however the fundamental issue I have with this change is that rather than being able to gradually level pets while collecting pet tokens and completing current content if I want to level new pets now I’ll have to go back and grind old trainers or do extra world quests for leveling tokens. For the same gains I’m effectively having to do twice the number of battles and spend twice as much time.

It feels like a step backwards in a game that already places so many varied demands on our time for the content that’s available. Inevitably it means that in the time I have available to play, I’m going to see less content because assuming I do make the effort to keep leveling pets, it will be at the expense of something else, whether it be wq/expeditions/warfronts/dungeons/pvp/raids/etc. no matter which way you swing it that represents a net loss and simply saying “play the game more” as many people above have is not a viable option for everyone.

(Loncis) #62

I would only question if such a thing can be done with a reasonable expenditure of time and resources. Make the pet battle reward “normal” experience for the first battle, then reward no experience for subsequent battles.

And also allow no experience awarded for pet battles that are not on World Quests.

Incidentally, I just now fought Spineleaf (who is on a World Quest awarding 20 charms). I used Unborn Val’kyr and Ikky, plus my first level Mechantula.

Mechantula is now a fourth level pet for doing nothing other being swapped it in and out without attacking.

Addendum: I’m a little surprised at the responses to this change. To be frank, some of you are being ridiculous. When I first started collecting pets in Legion, and in a mad campaign to acquire and level all the pets I could get my hands on, it never even occurred to me to complain about lack of suitable content to level my pets with in Legion. I simply went to Draenor, then went to Pandaria. And I generally levelled three pets per day doing this, from level one to twenty-five.

I thought it was a godsend. I had the means to help me catch up to the more seasoned pet collectors who’ve been doing this for so much longer than me.

I’m just not understanding this vehement demand to have the means to level pets in current content. Traveling to Draenor is done with a simple click of the Hearthstone. Doing the circuit, you will have a pet leveled from one to twenty-five in less than forty minutes. And another click on another Hearthstone will have you right back again.

Is this really such an unendurable hardship for you?

Pandaria is access by clicking on a Hearthstone to Dalaran, then taking a portal to Pandaria. You’ll do every Pet Battle Master in less than an hour and a half. And you’ll have leveled two pets from one to 25, and another one three fights short of twenty-five.

Another click on another Hearthstone will have you right back where you started from.

What is so difficult about this? What is making you stomp your feet and gnash your teeth, snarling, “No! I want to level my pets in BfA!”

It’s like listening to Veruca Salt in “Willy Wonka.”

Everybody sing!

“I want today! I want tomorrow! I want to wear 'em like braids in my hair and I don’t want to share 'em!”

The Tamers in Pandaria and Draenor give more experience, they pay you and occasionally you’ll get something useful in the reward bag. I think Draenor and Pandaria are absolutely wonderful for leveling pets.

(Caelia) #63

They give the same 12.5x modifier to pet experience that the DMF tamers do, the 3x pet Legion WQs do, and the 3x pet BFA WQs did.

I do the Draenor circuit when I have time, but I have a ton of content to clear in BFA. Being able to casually level pets off the WQs for the current expansion was nice, since I am already running around there to begin with.

Is it somehow wrong that we want to play in current content? Your continued dismissal of the other opinions as though they have no merit sure gives off that impression. I’ve not had a pet battler leave a bad taste with me until now, that’s rather disappointing.

(Loncis) #64

You think you guys haven’t left a bad taste with me, with your incessant demands that everything be delivered right to you?

As I said, I leveled pets with Draenor and Pandaria for months while I was still in Legion. And every day, I was glad it was there for me to do it. Three more new pets leveled from one to twenty-five.

It never even occurred to me to complain that these Pet Tamers didn’t just pack up and move to Legion for my convenience. I just knew that I had pets to level and Draenor and Pandaria were absolutely perfect for my needs.

No, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to level your pets in current content. There is something wrong with being outraged that it isn’t there for you to do it, and refusing to do it in ways that are available to you, and in ways that were arguably better than what was available in current content. It’s called World of Warcraft, not Zone of Warcraft. Sometimes my needs take me out of current content.


I can’t really understand this attitude. Why does “ignore the current expansion; go back and do old expansion content for current progression” make more sense than “use the current expansion for current progression”? Would you feel the same way if Blizzard took all gold drops out of BfA and said, ok if you want gold, we have all these old dungeons and raids, go run them? Or said, we have lots of new pets for you in BfA – all of them will be captured in Pandaria, get to it!

The idea that other expansions are still there and useful is great; I’m all for it, don’t get me wrong. But the idea that the current expansion should be considered a less desirable place to make progress on current goals (and leveling new BfA pets is certainly a “current goal”) than previous expansions seems off.

As for why I’d prefer WQs grant XP in the way it was before 8.1, I’m currently running WQs on 3 characters (slacker, I know). During Legion, at its height, I was running them on 18 characters. A day when (for instance) Dazed, Confused, and Adorable was up was a day I had 18 opportunities to level multiple pets while still doing a current-content daily that was progressing Legion emissaries, paragon rep, etc.

Yes, of COURSE this is saying “this is convenient for me and I want it because it’s convenient”, so, go with the Veruca Salt reference. The problem with Veruca wasn’t that she wanted nice things; everyone wants nice things. The problem was that she felt entitled, she didn’t want to share, she wanted things that were bad for her, etc.

I don’t think many of us feel entitled. It’s Blizzard’s game; if they want to take pet XP away from current content that’s their decision. I want to share; everyone should have nice things! I don’t think making current content more desirable is bad for me or for the game.

When I first started collecting pets in Legion, and in a mad campaign to acquire and level all the pets I could get my hands on, it never even occurred to me to complain about lack of suitable content to level my pets with in Legion.

I don’t get this either. There was plenty of content for leveling pets in Legion; it would have been ridiculous for you to complain about the lack of it, when it was all around you. Legion offered so much faster and better leveling than MoP or WoD, given even a few max-level alts, why would anyone waste time going back to previous expansions except to catch up on missed pets?

Turning it around: what you do you think is bad about BfA offering pet leveling opportunities that are as good as those in Legion? What is bad about asking that BfA be a viable alternative to running old content to level pets? What harm do you see coming to the game if BfA is returned to the state it was in pre-8.1, when it was the same leveling experience as Legion? What was Blizzard doing wrong a week ago, pre-8.1, that this change fixes? If you can’t answer those questions, why do you think it’s ridiculous for us to hope that this change will be partly reverted?

(Caelia) #66

Nobody has demanded anything in this thread. They’ve offered the same overall suggestion through it.

I’ve leveled pets through MoP and WoD and Legion and BFA, using previous expansions as well as the current one at the time. I’m certain hundreds of other players have done the same. That’s not really the point.

Doing a few WQs a day across multiple toons for the new pet charms was fine. Doing old pet battle content that give charms which are mostly completely worthless now when I’m already back up to having thousands of them sitting in a bank is kind of a bummer. As I said, I do the WoD circuit, I’ve done the WoD circuit for years now that they’re so muscle memory it’s actually sad.

I haven’t read outrage in any of these posts. Just disappointment from those that used the quests that way. It’s the disdain from the others like yourself that I don’t understand.

(Loncis) #67

Horsefeathers. Legion pet battles were not up every day. It was not faster or better. Draenor and Pandaria are up each and every day.

Name five pet battle quests in Legion that could have leveled a single pet from level one to twelve with your Safari hat.

I’m waiting.


I’m going to ignore the arbitrary “twelve”; I’m not sure where 1-12 became the criteria. I’m perfectly fine with 1-9, for instance; that cuts the number of stones required to finish the job by 1/3. The following (among others) offered (and still offer, as of last check) high XP for one or more pets:

Beasts of Burden: Two carry pets, both get high XP. Two fights, so four pets 1-9 or more. This is without exploiting it (there was an exploit based on doing only one of the beasts that made it infinitely repeatable), just doing it as designed.

Dazed, Confused, and Adorable: Two carry pets, both get high XP.

Snail Fight: Two carry pets, both get high XP.

Those were the best three. All three Broken Shore WQs gave one pet high XP (Viciosa couldn’t carry a level 1, though; have to start with 8+). Most of the Dalaran Fight Night quests did as well. Flummoxed, Catacombs, Satyrs, Chopped, Threads of Fate, Mana Tap, Training with the Nightwatchers, All Pets Go To Heaven, Training with Durian (and others) gave high XP. I’m not going to back and double-check XP results on all of them.

You asked for 5. I gave you three that leveled two or more pets, one of three up every day that leveled a pet, and a dozen or so that leveled a pet. All in current content that you’d be encouraged to do anyway for emissaries, paragon rep, etc. All of which were repeatable as many times as day as you had high level alts.

Legion was absolutely faster and better than going back to MoP, unless you had just a couple characters at max level or were unconcerned with Legion rewards.

Stepping back: “better” is a judgement call. For you, MoP might be better; for me, Legion was clearly better, especially as I had more alts doing emissaries. But which one is better is a pointless argument, so for the purpose of argument, let’s assume MoP was better. Legion was still entirely adequate to the task of leveling pets; without going back to previous content, and just doing WQs as they were up, Legion offered plenty of chances to level pets. That’s what I’d like to see with BfA as well, and what we had until Tuesday.

(Caelia) #69

Ashlei is an outlier given that she is the only tamer in the game that grants 15.0x the experience and so the only tamer in the game that can get a pet from 1-12.

Why not compare the other 5 WoD tamers (6 if you include Squirt) to the 23 Legion WQs that also award the 12.5x experience?

(Loncis) #70

That’s interesting. I didn’t know she was the only one. I assumed that they all gave the same. As someone who plays primarily Alliance, I usually started with her, when I did the circuit. I never even noticed that she gave more XP.

I don’t dispute that they’re great. I just question the assertion that these are somehow “better.” They weren’t up every day. The tamers in Pandaria and Draenor are up every day. And there are six of them.

(Caelia) #71

If you’re interested in the numbers and who gives what. It’s very comprehensive.


This is why I ended mine by agreeing to disagree about which is better. I think Legion is better because the WQs were repeatable per alt, so on an extremely good (and super-busy) day I could do e.g. 18x Beasts, Dazed, Snails, and a Broken Shore trainer, giving 162 pets (!) high XP. On a lousy day I still could give at least 18 pets high XP, and that’s a really lousy RNG day. And remember in most cases I would still have been doing 2-3 of these WQs since I was doing emissaries, so it wasn’t even going out of my way. And even the non-emissary WQs granted zone rep for paragon rewards.

On the other hand, for someone with only one or two high-level alts, MoP or WoD is unquestionably better.

But the question remains: why should BfA be a poorer experience than Legion? No one is asking for something we didn’t already have for an entire expansion plus the first 3 months of a second expansion.

(Antitheists) #73

Proving time and time again you have no idea what you are talking about and only open your mouth to put your other foot in. You keep making claims that are instantly rebuked and still keep thinking you have an opinion that anyone take seriously is a fun dumpster fire to watch.

(Toenail) #74

When your argument/position is mainly supported by your condescending snark towards others with a differing opinion, your position becomes meaningless. “crappy ingrates”? ROFL, i didn’t realize you were the arbiter or designer of all things WoW pet-related.


I sat down last night at my computer, and that desire to play was gone, replaced with a sinking feeling that pet battling wasnt worth my time per reward, and since pet battling was the only thing I was enjoying in BFA so far, i just sat there and watched my trimps kill stuff instead

(Loncis) #76

On the subject of people who don’t know what they’re talking about, the word is “rebutted,” not “rebuked.”

You cannot rebuke a claim. You can only rebuke another human being, Veruca. You “rebut” claims.

And which of my claims do you think were “rebuked,” Ms. Salt (somehow, that surname is so fitting for you)?

My claim that WoD and Pandaria give better experience? No, that’s 100% true.

My claim that BfA tamers aren’t up consistently to use for the purpose of leveling pets? Nope. That’s also 100% true.

The only dumpster fire I’m seeing is you having a tantrum, Ms. Salt. “I want the world! I want the whole world! I want to lock it all up in my pocket! It’s my bar of choc’late! Give it to me now!”

The only legitimate complaint anyone’s made so far is the fact that once upon a time, these tamers were used for leveling purposes, and now, because of the meta-achievement, they are no longer suitable for this purpose.

Yes, I get that it’s unfair that you had something in-game that was somewhat useful to you, and it was taken from you.

(Rastlin) #77

This is a real shame.
While it doesn’t effect me much as I have hundreds of level 25 pets, why on earth would you want to make it harder to level pets? Sounds like a big disadvantage to new pet battlers.

Who cares if they repeat for XP for one of the thousand plus pets that need to be levelled to 25?


This is not 100% true. It’s true in the sense that if you have a single character they will result in more experience. They don’t give more experience than Legion (or, formerly, BfA) except for the specific case of Ashlei. They offer the same experience per trainer and the availability of trainers is predictable.

On the other hand, Legion gives more experience if you send multiple alts through the circuit on nearly any day. You only get one shot at the MoP and WoD trainers a day; you can have as many as you have alts at the Legion trainers.

Also: you only get experience for the battles you fight. I’m doing WQs anyway; there are reasons totally unrelated to leveling pets to do WQs. I’m going to do these battles regardless of leveling; they are free in terms of time. Free XP for pets is always more efficient than XP that requires time and planning, regardless of how little travel time is required.

If I have X hours of playtime, and in that time I want to do WQs on a number of characters which will take the same X hours to complete, it doesn’t matter that other expansions offer more XP; I’m out of time doing the WQs. No useful XP from WQs means no pet XP in that case. It doesn’t matter that I can do MoP in “only 40 minutes” if I don’t have 40 minutes to spare.

Four days ago is not “once upon a time”. That’s silly. And “they are no longer suitable for this purpose”? Really? When a number of possible fixes have been proposed that would allow them to work properly for both leveling and the meta-achievement?

I will ask, again: why is it a good thing that BfA offers a diminished experience compared to Legion? Why is it “throwing a tantrum” to ask for this to be fixed? What negative impact do you see if some of the proposed remedies are applied? If you can’t answer that, why is it so important to you to belittle anyone who dislikes this change?

(Loncis) #79

Last I checked, Legion is still there. You’re still free to complete the World Quests there to your heart’s content, if you consider them so valuable. It’s a hearthstone click away and a hearthstone click to get back again.

Yes, it is. Once upon a time is simply a reference to some point in the past. Four days ago is in the past.


Which, of course, totally misses the point of the conversation.

Legion is still there. MoP is still there. WoD is still there.

The point is that, for current content, which we are doing anyway, for reasons beyond pet battles, this is a nerf. The existence of other content does not change that.

Back to my earlier comment: suppose Blizzard removed gold drops from BfA (drops, quest rewards, etc). That’s their right; it’s their game. Anyone asking for there to be a way to get gold in BfA was told, well you can still go get it from Legion, MoP, WoD. Are people who question the change Verucas?