BfA Experience Changed

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It was done to make room for a new meta-achievement. Without allowing players to complete the same quest on the same toon over and over. You have a workaround. You have several, in fact.

And for once, we are able to complete this achievement at our own pace. Not waiting for the right quest giver to show up on its random timetable.

And I’m perfectly fine with sacrificing the experience given to pets for the sake of this achievement, because, for once in this expansion, I’m working toward something, without time-gates, rep-gates, or Pet Charm-gates.

I’m perfectly fine with this change. Again, you have workarounds. There are no workarounds for those of us who wish to complete the achievement, which had been introduced in Legion and was redone with Argus.


Which again misses the point that a number of people have proposed fixes for this which does not reduce the ability to complete the meta-achievement in a timely fashion.

Assume that no one wants to take your quick meta-achievement away from you (may I call you Veruca, since you want your meta-achievement and you want it now?). Given that no one is touching the meta-achievement and time-gating it, what is wrong with otherwise restoring WQ XP to work as it did in Legion?

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A number of people have proposed fixes, without knowing if these proposed fixes can be implemented, with a reasonable expenditure of Dev time and resources.

May I call you Veruca, since you refuse to avail yourself of the multiple workarounds you have and you want it your way and right now?

I’m not demanding anything I don’t already have. And even before the meta-achievement was introduced, I still wasn’t demanding anything.

You, on the other hand, refuse to avail yourself of workable solutions and can’t stop demanding things be done your way and now.


Which is why the request is for a proper response of “yes, we’ve considered this, and we’ll do it” or “yes, we’ve considered this, but it won’t work for X reason”.

I haven’t said that I’m not using other means to level pets in the meantime; you’re presuming that. I haven’t said this is a crisis and I want it fixed immediately; you’re putting those words in my mouth.

There is no “work-around” which doesn’t add time to the leveling process. None. I did 4 pet WQs per character on Monday; all four gave my pets a number of levels. I did 4 pet WQs per character today, for reasons unrelated to leveling pets. None of them gave my pets any levels. Explain how I can “work-around” this in such a way that doing the same number of WQs in the same amount of time results in my pets getting levels?

Do I need those levels? No. Am I going to throw a tantrum because I don’t get them? No. Do I have known other ways to level pets? Yes. Do those other ways require more time and effort? Yes.

Is it reasonable for Blizzard to consider alternatives which preserve the experience we had four days ago, and for the previous two years, beyond just “this change was intended”? I think so; so do others.


Same here, Sargral. Exactly what I’m feeling. When perusing a thread about bad design decisions is more interesting than playing the game, one certainly wonders if it’s time to stop paying the company who is making all of the bad decisions. Playing WoW is less enjoyable all the time, which is sad, because it’s totally self-inflicted by Blizzard. For now, watching my son play Smash Ultimate is definitely more interesting than inviting him to play WoW with me, or spending any more time on this forum being disappointed. Here’s hoping Blizzard starts doing things that make the game more, not less, fun for all of the players who have stuck with them through the years.


I don’t put level 1s in every daily battle. During the pet battle bonus week I pop all the 1s I want to work on up to 5 or 10 and then level those with the dailies.


The main thing that bummed me was getting very little exp. when I figured out a level 1 pet battle that wins against a tamer. This could have been a much more fun challenge to develop a list of winning level 1 strategies. It will still be somewhat fun but just not as rewarding


This is something Bliz is doing now. They let you have fun the first part (x.0) of the xp figuring out 2-pet leveling strategies, then once they’re all posted on Wowhead they nerf it in x.1. You have to go back to WoD or Pandaria to do power leveling.


It seems odd that single pet battles like Jammer now award twice the experience of the three pet battles.


I have been using a 110 Shaman. He stays in his garrison and flies out to Ashlei then hearths back. I haven’t had a day yet that I can’t battle Ashlei, yet. Also, the fact that the weekly still rewards 10 pet leveling tokens it seems to be the best way to level pets now. Which is a shame if not everyone can battle Ashlei.

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Just for reference tamers get a “bonus” multiplier for being a tamer. I express them relative to a wild pet battle of the same level/number of enemies. Prior to patch 8.1, BFA tamers had a 3x bonus (or 3x the exp of a similar wild pet battle). 8.1 set them to a 0.2x bonus (or 1/5 the exp of a wild pet battle). Single pet bosses like Jammer that have no “tamer” tend to give experience as if they were wild pets. Hope that clarifies it a little.

I will say this whole change doesn’t make sense given they made the battles scale with level so you could level your pets on them…now it isn’t worth it. It would have been better if they let clicking the tamer for the WQ provide EXP, but clicking on any of the pets for “retries” give the limited exp. It would have capped attempts for good exp to 1 and allowed for achievement progress in the same go.

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More Blizzard bullcrap

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Jammer’s giving out six leveling stones today. Not family-specific, either. Sounds like the Devs listened.

And before anyone complains that it should be nine, since you can level a pet from one to nine, I’ll point out that there isn’t a Pet Tamer in the world who can level a pet from 19 to 25. So, it depends on what level your pet is before you apply leveling stones.

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An incredibly premature statement. The more likely scenario is lucky RNG.

Much like all the other WQs, pet battle WQs also have their own loot table to draw from. A roll of 1-x decides what the loot is and another roll of 1-x decides the amount, in the simplest of terms.

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When did the pet battle forum get so seemingly toxic?

And why is which expansion gives the best battle experience really so important? Die hard battlers are going to do many battles a day so what does it really matter?

I would venture to say most people in this forum know what they are doing, and those who come for advice can get a few opinions and then form their own.

How about we go back to where people were helpful in this forum and not barking at people to prove who is right and who is wrong.

Just two cents from an old guy… why this thread is almost at 100 posts is beyond me.
This forum was always the only place that seemed civil on the whole site, now…

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Not a fan of this change.


This is absolutely terrible. The stones WILL NOT help. Allow me to break down the math.

There are 4 pet battles up at any time, usually one was not good for leveling because it was a single elite spawn but the others would give close to 3k xp for a leveling pet. If a pet battle take a maximum of 5 minutes to complete, that means that after I come home from a 12 hour shift working at the hospital and I want to wind down with pet battling for a half hour (because I didn’t have enough time to do anything else in the game on those days), I could do 3, potentially 4, world quests and earn a given pet 9k-12k experience, respectively, in roughly 20-30 minutes (included travel time between world quests).

What used to reward almost 3000 experience per pet is now giving me 210 with a safari hat. This is a 93% (NINETY THREE PERCENT) nerf to the experience.

Assuming a good day where I earned 12k experience for a pet, to figure out the new time frame I divide that by the new experience gained (210), multiple that by the assumed 5 minutes per pet battle to get the time in minutes, and then divide by 60 to look at a more reasonable number and convert that into hours.

What I used to be able to accomplish in one evening after work will now literally take me 4.76 hours of consecutive pet battle game play to complete. To get the same thing out of those world quests I now need 9x-10x the time.

Giving me a CHANCE at a couple stones does NOT make me want to put forth all those extra hours, nor magically GIVE ME the extra 4+ hours a night to do so. The stones were a nice perk and extra for those world quests, the ability to level our leveling pets with current content WAS the point of them. You have killed that purpose.

And for me, given the fact that you’ve now taken a 20 minute activity and made me need almost 5 hours daily to get the same thing out of it, I have 0 desire to continue with this aspect of the game. And given my work schedule and time constraints, now don’t have a reason to log on 4 days a week.

Why you guys thought a 93% nerf (And without notice, too!) would be a good change, I don’t know. And giving people incentive to NOT play an aspect of a game because you’ve made it too convoluted is NEVER a good sign for development. Figure out a compromise (like many of the good ideas stated above: give xp for the world quest but nerf it for repeated battles, limited the repeated battles to once a day, etc) or change it back.

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Doubtful, considering they said they had increased the chances of leveling stones. And “This Little Piggy has Sharp Tusks” also is giving away four unclassed leveling stones today.

I understand the frustration, but I must point out, you’re making an apples/oranges comparison. Leveling stones don’t award experience; they award levels.

If you’re comparing the experience gained from using a first level pet as a carry pet, yes, you’re at a disadvantage. Today Jammer is giving away six leveling stones. So, previously, you could have a pet leveled from one to nine on a pet tamer. And if you use your levelling stones from Jammer on your one level carry pet, you’re getting a seventh level pets.

So, yes, that’s a disadvantage.

On the other hand, if your carry pet is nineteenth level, you now have enough stones to raise it to 25. Not even defeating Ashlei can raise a 19th level pet to 25th level (except during triple experience week). So, it depends on how you use your stones.

Also, defeating Jammer with a first level carry pet will raise to fourth level. Now, give it your six leveling stones, and you have a tenth level pet.


No, the time constraint is very much still in existence and the rewards from jammer yesterday were RNG based. If I was leveling 4 level 1 pets with the 4 world quests pre-8.1, they could have each gotten 9 levels (except if Jammer was up, which would mean 3 pets would have gotten 9 levels and one pet 4 levels). That means that at best all of my pets could have potentially earned a total of 36 levels, 31 if Jammer had been up like yesterday.

Jammer gave out 6 stones yesterday. And one other quest that was up yesterday gave 4 stones. Meaning I only earned a total of 10 levels yesterday, when a week ago I would have earned 36 PLUS however many stones were randomly awarded. So I’m coming out with at minimum an 80% lose for what I would have gotten last week.

And not only that, but the stones are still RNG based from a loot table. He could have just as easily been giving away 50 war resources, same with the other world quest, meaning I would have gotten jack yesterday at all.

They took something that was a given benefit (the xp) with a potential RNG bonus perk (the quest reward), and turned it into COMPLETE RNG based game play that has 0 purpose if the perk doesn’t proc on the loot table that day. That is NOT good game design.

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Jammer is not a Tamer and rewards only four levels, not nine. At least when dealing with a first level pet.

The reason I point out the difference in giving levels v. giving stones is that you can also use stones on higher level pets and get far greater advancement. You could raise a 19th level pet to 25th with six leveling stones. There is no Tamer that can give you that kind of experience. There aren’t THREE tamers that could give you that kind of experience.