BFA Dungeon Raw Gold Farm

Hello, I am relatively new to wow and just started farming Atal’dazar. It normally takes me around 3 minutes with my Warrior (ILVL 470) to clear the dungeon on normal difficulty. After 10 runs or 30 min of gameplay, I’ll get the expected lockout. However, I am unable to try again on any other difficulty.

My warlock (ILVL 435) on the other hand, can do more than 15 runs on normal difficulty but it takes me about 6 minutes to farm it on each run due to my character’s low Item level.

Do you know why my warlock can do more runs?

Does it depend on the speed at which your character farms the dungeon?

When will I be able to use my warrior again?

Thank You.

The there is a rolling lockout of 10 instances per hour. As your Warlock averages 10 instances per hour, they aren’t hitting the lockout.

Your warrior will be able to do a new dungeon one hour after the first one you did. The next one will unlock one hour after the second one you did (and so on.)

I know that the lockout used to be for the whole account (so your warrior would have locked out your other characters as well.) They made some changes recently in Classic to make it per-character. I don’t know if those carried over to retail.

It almost seems that the speed in which you run them is the reason. Your lock takes twice as much time to clear a dungeon, pushing your over the 1 hour lockout timer. At least that’s what it looks like to me