Bfa and their wonderful creations....not

OK so once i first played bfa i thought hey its OK, until the war and the choices, and here we will be explaining how dumb this can be and how it can be fixed, for example, nps, storyline, lore people ect. but what I’m talking about is sylvanas, anduin, thrall, baine, and saurfang.

saurfang is okay but all of a sudden he wants honor after he killed all these people that was dishonor and to open a portal

anduin, he is strangely growing an extra nose muscle since legion and all of a sudden wants a battle to start and end after he kept talking about peace

now baine, he wants to be war-chief because sylvanas has it, i’ll talk about sylvanas here in a second but baine is okay to me, he brought back jainas brother to not destroy the alliance ect ect.

now sylvanas…omg all of a sudden in legion she is good she avenged the war-chief and now…she burns down teldrassil, killed innocents, started a war no one wanted, ordered a subject to death that did nothing, blizzard ruined her for me, and that ticked me off when she did all this, the other things that make her cringy is that, she was a lich king fangirl and committed suicide when he died, made her minions enslave innocent people for tests and experiments, all of it just annoys me