Bettering all mage specs in M+

So, we all know that the reason fire is much better to bring into M+ is because of cauterize. It’s not really about damage and more about the fact that fire just has so much better survivability with that cheat death mechanic. Why not make it where all 3 specs can survive lethal damage. Even if its on a longer cd it would still make the other specs better to play.

Now people have been talking about khadgar recently for “spoiler” reasons and it reminded me of wod in which he was almost assassinated but ended up in ice block. I personally think that maybe a skill that allows the mage to iceblock on fatal damage with like 1hp would be incredibly helpful to the other two classes. I only play mage a bit so idk if this is a good idea but I think it could help with diversity of specs in dungeon content.

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Frost has cold snap, fire has cauterize, arcane should get something as well.

I’d like to see alter time be buffed for arcane. If you die after you pressed alter time the old you could be brought back from a different timeline. This would give us an on use cheat death. Heck, id be happy if after using alter time a mirror image from the old timeline is left, reducing damage by 20% for its duration and pulling aggro.

I love alter time, it’s probably my favorite mage spell. I feel there’s a lot of opportunity to buff the spell.


I really like this idea. In truth I find the concept of arcane to be incredibly interesting and the time aspect would fit them well.

I agree. Something like:

Alter Fate

When the mage takes fatal damage instantly use a spark of temporal magic, turning time back and reversing the damage dealt by the fatal attack. 5 minute cooldown.

Would be perfect!

Nah, just give us Cauterize on the general tree.