Beta Stress Test Invitation Began

That’s your fault.
Do you think powerball bamboozled you into buying a lottery ticket?

Yes, those lummoxes. With their 758 million dollar jackpot

Very nice.

At least tomorrow is my birthday. If I don’t get invited, there’s that… I guess… Womp womp wompppppppppp

Edit: I made it boys.


grats magda!

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Too bad we didn’t all get it. I suspect one of Blizzard’s criteria was “no posts on the forums saying sharding is bad.”

I don’t think a person like me would be much use testing their sharding system, because my thoughts are “remove it.”

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It looks, to me, like the stress test will only be for 2 hours, but the servers themselves will be available for about a day.


Happy Birthday :smiley:

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I got it on my launcher now also. :):grinning:
I downloaded it and started the game only to find its only for the stress test server (thats not up yet)not the regular beta server :frowning: I had no access to the regular beta servers.

It says for “beta and stress test WoW classic”" So I was hoping I could also join the regular beta servers. Welp its something at least


Just showed up on my launcher now too. Installing. :slight_smile:

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Congrats ppl, ill enjoy fromt he sidelines…

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Just got mine as well. Good luck boys!

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Even that doesn’t count. Proponents for sharding didn’t get an invite either.

Check your accounts from your account settings. From what I’ve gathered it seems the Beta shows up so maybe the stress test will as well?

You think it will be NA players only?

That’s my understanding.

Happy Birthday!

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I don’t mean all proponents got an invite; only that all opponents didn’t.

Yeah I did, sadly nothing. That’s cool tho :slight_smile: If I don’t end up getting one I expect some awesome Hogger raid videos!!!

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People have said it will show up in your bnet account games and subscriptions page on the website. I don’t have the beta so I cant verify if thats true.

Edit: oops, other people already said that.

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Did ANYONE from OCE region get it?