Beta Streamer Looking For Guild for Beta, S4, and Dragonflight

Hello all and thank you for taking the time to read this.

Allow me to give a brief introduction. I am “Wubs” and I have been playing this game since Vanilla. Currently located on both Mal’ganis and Stormrage, I play all the classes and have experience in M+ keys and Mythic raiding in all 3 roles. My raid leading experience is from Zul’gurub to Battle for Dazar’alor, where I then retired to M+ and have been running a small M+ community on Stormrage since BFA. I stream most of my playtime at and i curate most of the content to this youtube channel

I would like to join a larger guild with multiple teams and skill levels, and specifically one with members testing m+ and raid on Beta where I have been spending most of my playtime.

Currently I am “maining” a Paladin in all 3 specs, this is the direction I am leaning for Dragonflight but large changes to the talent trees and tuning could bring me back to Druid or Monk. Generally I like tanking the most and I usually try to keep multiple tanks and at least 1 ranged dps “up to date”. In my m+ community i push my members to get KSM as tank healer and dps every season. I would be ecstatic if I could play all 3 roles in some form on different teams within one guild, this is the dream.

Please help me live the dream, and I am looking forward to talking to you about your guild and how I can help make it better. I am willing to transfer.

Discord - Wubs#4633 - Wubs#1753

Hi Wubwubz,

If you are looking for a guild, you are welcome to check out Unvanquished[A][H] on Proudmoore. We are a semi-casual guild that makes it a goal to clear all heroic bosses every patch. Our current raid time is Weds 8-11 pm PST. On all other non-raid nights, you’ll find us running keys to get our members KSM and 15s for the Vault. We also created a horde-side guild, in case you want to remain on your horde toons.
Come Dragonflight, we will raid Weds & Fridays 8-11 pm PST
If you want to find out more about us, check us out at
You can reach me at Bnet: Cronus#1359 or Discord: Aetherius#4508