Beta & PTR - Bug Reporting

The pass few PTRs and Betas I’ve been invited to, I’ve been unable to make threads on the selected forums.

I know people argue ’Just do the quick bug-report and it’ll be fine’ - however there’s times where I’ve done that and it’s come to live with the bug still present which gives a lot of bad flack & PR on Blizzard. I want to make threads on the bug report pages so it gets more attention & the matter is resolved quicker. Ultimately –

  • I want Dragonflight to succeed.
  • I want WoW to rise.
  • And I want Blizzard to celebrate the success of the expansion.

For instance, at the moment in DF beta there’s a bug in one of the campaign / MSQ questswhere the NPC you need to kill either doesn’t spawn or is spawned but unable to be interacted with – Meaning you can’t continue the story & get necessary perks, unlocks & content for the expansion.

Quest: Stormbreaker
Bugged NPC: Koroleth
Zone: Ohn’ahran Plains

Anyway, I can’t post on the Beta forum webpage. That’s the main thing I’m ironically ‘bugged’ about. I’m curious to whether there’s a limit to how many people are invited to the beta but not the beta-forums, or? …