Best way to solo Servant of N'Zoth


What’s the best way to get this solo?

I really want to do it on my own if possible, so I’m just looking for advice to make it easier

Also, can I get the quest in non-bfa zones? There’s a lot of ganking in duskwood on my server, so I thought maybe that would be a way to try and get it

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It’s gotta be in BFA zones or the bfa assault versions of uldum or vale.

It’s a tough thing to do solo so I commend your effort even if you’re part of the wrong faction.


Nazjatar. Zone into Mardiva’s lab if the zerg comes for you.

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When you say solo, do you just mean “no free kills” or do you mean no help AT ALL?

Fair point. More than once I’ve volunteered to be killed when someone asked for help completing the quest in /1.

I mean just me running around trying to get 10 kills by myself.

I want to try and get it with legit solo kills. I know it’s gonna be really tough but it’s like a weird challenge I gave myself :sweat_smile:

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I did mine in Tiragarde Sound when it was the emissary with the elite naga WQ. Created an LFG for about half the kills and just killed same shard Ally for the other half

Did it in nazjatar with like 30 deepcoral pods, farseer ori, and about every wpvp consumable i could use

That’s how I did it. I didn’t get bounty marked, fortunately. So I was able to fly around and pick my targets.

Are there any consumables in particular that you’d recommend?

This is the right answer

The biggest one you want is deep coral pod found in the zone itself.

I tried to get it done earlier, and I only got 5 kills… actually ran out of time because the zone was so empty.

I did try getting some coral pods and they’re awesome. No one can outrun me! I also found the tailoring buffs really helpful. 30% run speed and a health reset upon taking fatal damage really comes in handy

I’m going to try again tomorrow during prime time and hopefully I’ll get my title

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The easiest way is to wait for a Faction Assualt in Nazmir with the quest at the dock with the azerite flare available(Also helps if it also the CTA that week too)
Go there and complete 4 of the quest, but not the one at the dock.
kill ten horde to get your assassins buff and N’zoth quest. But don’t kill any horde in the dock quest area. Otherwise you might not be able to pick up the flare if you kill to many completing the quest.

Now grab the Azerite flare and wait near submarine for alliance to be finishing the submarine quest. Blaze away as the appear. You can pick up the berserker buff that’s near by to make kills even quicker. You can also fly up and down the dock area for alliance kills, but you want to void killing any horde, or horde NPCs if possible. So its best just to stay near the Submarine and get kills there. You can also use the Submarine to escape if you’re going to get killed. But remember not to do any damge to the Submarine, or it will turn hostile and you won’t be able to use it(got screwed over by that happening because of AoE damage, thankfully I had other means of escape). Hopefully you can get enough kills before getting a bounty put on you.

This is how I obtained mine solo.

Nazjatar during call to arms with all the buffs the zone gives you is a really sound option (though perhaps at the start of the week when more people try to complete). I got mine completed in Stormsong when there was an Emissary. There were a lot of people questing.

Have some health potions and living action potions. The latter is lesser known and incredibly useful: separate CD from health potions, and its a 3 second immunity and trinket to all forms of stuns and movement impairing effects.

It’s not an immunity per say, just increases the dr even more. Casting a second stun while it’s up will act like you casted a third stun

Oh fr? I could’ve sworn I’m straight immune to following stuns as I’ve used it in duels vs sub rogues alot before and I can immune the entire dance cheap shots

Well I think I may have said it wrong. But basically it’s the old monk spell nimble brew. Frees you and then decreases all duration of the next inc, so a second stun would be treated like a 3rd and the actual 3rd would be basically wasted gcd.

Basically it’s a distinction without a difference