Best way to report bugs?

Is there a better way to report bugs or a forum specific for it? I reported, in game, a talent that does not work (game breaking for those who use it) so I thought it would be in the next few hotfixes, (game breaking bugs should get shoved to the top, right?) but since it’s not, I figure it just got dismissed. It’s also not outside the realm of possibility that I’m the only one who reported it, as I get the feeling I might be the only one who uses nourish.

Forest’s Flow (extends the duration of hots on the target of nourish) no longer extends the hots on the target, but instead extends the hots on the caster. It also does not extend lifebloom on the caster if the caster only has lifebloom on them (but if they have rejuv+lifebloom it extends both… some kind of swiftmendable check?). This firmly brings Nourish from “shouldn’t use” to “can’t use” and for those of us (maybe only me?) who use it anyway, literally can’t sink those two talent points into it right now.

Also, I would like to point out the fact that them moving the nourish talents into the middle section of the talent tree is effectively a NERF to nourish, which I don’t think was their intention (the vibe I get is that they want to “help” nourish???). Problem explanation: If you want to get out of the first section of the talent tree you need to invest 8 talents, if you know you are going Nourish, ideally you’d skip talents that interact/buff regrowth where possible. In 10.0.5 you already had to invest in clearcasting and Flash of Clarity, and nature’s swiftness, which felt bad. But in the previous set-up, at the very least, you could spend one of those first 8t talents on Nourish itself to get to the middle section. I think moving it away so that it does not require clearcasting/flash_of_clarity as a prerequisite was a good move, but putting it into the middle section means I’m suddenly losing cultivation (which ironically plays well with nourish/mastery builds?) or better/pathing_required talents. I think this nerf to nourish was unintentional/overlooked but it’s heartbreaking to see knowing it’s harder to undo this change and/or we will have to wait a long time for someone to look at it since, frankly, nourish is not even close to the top of WoW balance priorities (and rightfully so). I’m trying to stay positive, but hopefully this gets fixed sooner rather than later, at the very least, revert the tree changes for nourish. If the desire is to make Nourish better, this was definitely a step in the wrong direction and not thought out very well.

Suggestion: You said in the patch notes that you wanted nourish to be “easy to skip” if desired, but why not just make two parallel paths in the first section of the tree? One for clearcasting/flash_of_clarity, and the other for Nourish and it’s choice node? Have both paths converge and enable Abundance/Cenarion_Ward. It allows people who want Nourish to save 2 points that would otherwise go into clearcasting/flash_of_clarity, and allows folks to bipass nourish entirely as before, sticking with clearcasting/etc. Simple.

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there is indeed a bug report forum. it’s under the support section.

Nourish requires too much talent investment for my taste…and it’s too expensive imo. I agree that clearcasting would be another good way to make it more desireable.

i think it needs to be removed and replaced with a re-imagined symbiosis :eyes:

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Thanks! I found the bug forum and reported it there, looks like it was fixed today!

Agree on nourish being too expensive. Thanks again!

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