Best way to practice rotation?

IIRC, test dummies weren’t in the game until WotLK. Was wondering what the best way to practice damage rotations; test proc rates; theorycraft numbers; etc. would be in Classic. Any advice is appreciated.

Go out and kill some things.

You’ll also be starting at level 1 so you’ll get to practice and modify your rotation as you acquire new skills.


The quest mobs that never die in Blasted Lands. EZ


Be a mage or warlock or warrior.

Bind frostbolt/shaowbolt/execute to every button on your keyboard.

Throw keyboard down staircase.

Congrats you are now skillcapped.


That’s the only thing I’m not looking forward to on my warlock.

“Hey Silent what are you casting now?”


How about now?


Wow Silent you performed in the top 90th percentile for warlocks!

Yea, I’m one of the top ten percent when it comes to single button spamming.


Hahaha :yum: sad but true

Nobody needed a dummy to practice 11111111.

Actually, they did.


Of course you had to practice. You have to work and stretch those muscles to prevent cramps from repeating the exact same action over and over. Very important physical conditioning, it’s why I’m a top 10% single button spammer and not a bottom 10%.

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Hunters actually had something that could be called a rotation.

ya i was thinking that too but i dont know if the damage would show up with them being immune. proc rates sure but not sure about dmg numbers.

I laughed so loud I woke people up

I’d suggest doing a dungeon a little bit below your level for practice. Or just even a regular dungeon should be fine as long as its below level 55 in difficulty.

alliance* fury warrior is second only to hunters for their pve rotation.

Unless you are a Caster. In that case bind (Class Spell) to Scroll Up and Scroll Down and pretend you’re fingering a guitar hero controller.

my mistake, bind 1/3 the keyboard to bloodthirst 1/3 the keyboard to whirlwind and 1/3 the keyboard to execute and proceed to throw said keyboard down the staircase…

I mean even ret has a higher button rotation… Consecrate, seal of command, judgement, hammer of wrath… normally 4 buttons, then on undead in naxx or dungeons, add exorcism for a grand total of a 6 button rotation all while accounting for swing timers due to spells-casting resetting swings in vanilla… alongside having the highest consume requirements making their raiding the most expensive in the game requiring the most prep and farming

warriors like to think their class is hard, the reality its mindless… how do i know? cleared all content on a fury warrior in vanilla… yes it was a private server but the mecahnics are identical fury warrior is a herp-derp fest.

tl’dr, play an actually challenging class like ret, feral or hunter and try being competitive with something thats difficult and not op, rather then playing a low skill cap class and relying on powerful easy to use mechanics then complaining they are difficult.

I knew people who worked on some of the theorycrafting by dueling each other. It made sense because you could know their defensive stats, their resistances, etc., so there was actually more known data than attacking mobs which were server-side data.

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link your realmplayers/raidstats then.

Funny how people think Warlocks just spam SB and win… There is a lot more that goes into it to be a better Warlock.

Sure on the surface shadowbolt is going to be the one thing you do the most but there are things you should be doing to maximize your damage output.

Watching boss debuffs is a great way to see when you can weave in a shadowburn assuming you have the shards for it. (waiting till full shadow dmg debuffs are up as the damage coefficient of shadowburn is poor)

Making sure you keep corruption up without clipping it (if you’re able to due to the debuff slots)

Not over using life tap. The ideal scenario would be to end a fight with your last cast of shadowburn making you OOM. If you use life tap 1 too many times and end the fight with tons of mana, that’s a loss of damage.

Maximizing movement downtime, If you need to run for any reason and will be unable to cast, use deathcoil or shadowburn or refresh corruption.

Yes you can press 1 button and do damage but you wont be doing as much damage as you could be.


Because the majority, of not all set ups at 60 have already been figured out.

you can just google it now, the theorycraft information from back then is still out there.