Best way to make gold with over 2000 charms?

I have all the pets. Just want to build my bank up a bit. Would it just be making sought after pets 25 and flipping them on the AH?

Have you tried looking at /r/woweconomy Reddit for info?

Also, one of the regular posters there has a Google spreadsheet for Return on Investment (ROI) for the BFA pets.

In addition, you could try looking at which pets are recommended in battles and see which ones you could get based on that.

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It would, except that moving pets on the AH is incredibly difficult these days – there just seems to be so little interest. That, and I think very few of the pet charm pets are good in battle. My advice is don’t stock up anymore – focus on buying pet upgrade stones and such. I used to make good money on pet selling, but it’s taken a huge hit this xpac.


The pets from Pet Charms still sell, but very slowly. And for a whole lot less than 8 or 10 months ago. It also depends a lot of the server you’re selling them on, busy realms most everybody already has them. Lower pop ones, need to heavily lowball your selling price and may get a few takers.

Pricing really strange, can see half dozen Barnacled Hermit Crabs offered for 12 to 15k even Uncommon quality and level 1, and your level 25 Rare goes unsold for under 6K.

Worth giving it a try but be prepared for it not to be too lucrative. Might be worth investing some of your charms on Fearless Battle-Stones that upgrade a pet to Rare (15 Charms each), Rare pets being more desirable on AH.

I think the only people paying good money for pets now are the collectors, and they would be a limited number of people.

and they’re only really chasing the new releases pets mostly
so the expensive pets will be the hardest-to-get new pets

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It’s not that I stock up consciously. I was getting them from WQs and didn’t really need to spend them on anything.

Thanks everyone for your answers. I’m rather lucky in that my server still has a bit of interest in pets, paying 10k and up for many rare 25 pets. I’ve taken your advice and made quite a bit of profits in the past week.